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The Colorado College 

14 E. Cache la Poudre 

Colorado Springs, 



(719) 389-6000 

The Nugget 
"Stopping Traffic" 
1990- '91 Yearbook 

Volume 87 




(above) The one small sign that marks exit 
143, Uintah Street, off of Highway 1-25 as 
the one leading to Colorado College, 
(right) The CC tigers gather around the 
flagpole in the Cutler quad. 





Pikes Peak and Downtown Colorado 

The Colorado College is set in the beautiful city of Colorado Springs. The location of the college is 
the second most popular reason, next only to the unique experience of learning under the block plan, 
why students choose to come here. There are four lovely seasons here, and the city has a lot to 
offer its residents which include the students, faculty, administration, and staff of CC. 

(above) A familiar and admired sight to all students at CC is Pikes Peak. This photograph was taken 
from the Garden of the Gods, a popular tourist attraction and hiking place for students. It is also a 
common location for Geology classes to do field work and a study spot for individuals who want to 
get away for a little while. 




(above right) Downtown Colorado 
Springs in the middle of the holiday 
season in December with the local 
business' light displays. Many 
students find a walk downtown to be 
refreshing and energizing. You can see 
here the building where Old Chicago's, 
a popular CC hang out, within walking 
distance of the campus, is located, 
(right) The sunrise over Pikes Peak, 
again taken from the Garden of the 
Gods. Notice the attractive city lights 
in the background. 





(above) The New Science Building which was built in 1988, was officially named the Barnes 
Science Building, after Margaret and Otis Barnes, in the Fall of 1990. The Barnes Science 
Building houses the Physics, Chemistry, Biology, and Anthropology Departments at CC. It also 
contains an herbarium and a small animal colony for Biology experiments, as well as a large 
telescope and observatory for astronomy classes and the astronomy club. The chemistry 
department has a lot of modern equipment for their labs, too. There is also a Barnes scholarship 
established just for Chemistry majors at the college. 

The Catalyst 

The Colorado 
College Campus 

A Community within 
the City 

(right) Palmer Hall is the main 
academic building and the most 
popular choice to have classes 
held in for students. Palmer 
was named for General William 
Jackson Palmer, the founder of 
Colorado Springs. Palmer Hall 
was built to block the trolley 
line that useed to run up Tejon 
Street, and General Palmer did 
not want a trolley line running 
through the middle of his 
campus. The front doors were 
made wide enough for a trolley 
car to fit through as a slight to 
the city. The Geology, 
Mathematics, Economics, His- 
tory, and Psychology Depart- 
ments, have their offices in 
Palmer Hall. 

(above) Shove Chapel is the building for religious 
celebration on the campus. It is also the place where 
traditional ceremonies throughout the year - Opening 
Convocation, Honors Convocation, and the 
Baccalaureate Service - are held. A nondenominational 
protestant service and Catholic mass is provided on 
Sundays. This year, Shove has also been the meeting 
place for various minority groups on campus, as well as 
the location of prayer vigils, candlelight services, and 
peace rallies. 

(left) Worner Center is the place where all students go 
eventually. The information desk is located there, and 
meals are served and mail is delivered for the students. 
Many groups have their weekly meetings in this building 
and the bookstore, and other student services such as the 
Career Center, the Center for Community Services, the 
International Studies Office, the Office of Minoriry 
Student Concerns - new this year - and the Leisure 
Program office work out of here. 




. ,■:,. •••■ ■■■; ' , 

Go Tigers ! ! ! 

f h i m —i i «»i 


*»?%j . •.'! 

Games . . 


...and Dance 

Sftt. w^^^K^r : "*•"" * A ' 

'IS 55 \ 



T jrj*~*rrsz 

A student experiences another case of EMS - Empy Mailbox Syndrome. 
Most students find that a great way to alleviate this disease is to send letters 
of their own to friends who will respond to them later. 

Above: 1990 saw the installation of a new 
automated teller machine in the Worner Campus 

Right: Colorado College students organized a letter 
writing campaign to support the soldiers in the 
Persian Gulf during the Iraq war, though protesting 
U.S.'s presence in Saudi Arabia. 

Below: Though they didn't go anywhere for the 
long weekend, two students enjoy their block break 
by just relaxing and recuperating after an intense 
period of study and finals. 


Theatre at CC 

There are many oppurtunities for working in the theatre at 
Colorado College - from acting to directing to stage designing. The 
two main produers at CC are Theatre Workshop, a student run 
organization, and the Drama and Dance departments. Other 
productions at CC this year include Woycek, A... My Name is Alice, 
Baitok and Chocolate Lingerie, and numerous one acts produced 
during blocks 5 and 8. 

The Silver Cord 

Love's Labours Lost 


1991 Symposium 
on The Future 

The Colorado College examined the topic of the future for its 
1991 Symposium. Our future is full of frightening 
uncertainties along with enormous promise and potential. The 
symposium underscores CC's continuing commitment to the 
importance of intellectual engagement, not just in the 
classroom, but outside of it as well, for the joy and liberating 
effects that knowledge and understanding provide. The 
symposium was well attended by students, faculty, alumni, 
parents, and members of the Colorado Springs community. 
Only time can tell where the future will lead us all. 

Right: Gregg Easterbrook, a CC alumnus ('76), is a public policy 

journalist who has received three distinguished writing awards for 

pieces on the future of NASA in the wake of the Challenger disaster, 

U.S. environmental policy, and the economics of health care in 


Below: Laurie Anderson is America's most recognized performing ** 

artist with uncategorizable multi-media performances who has 

delighted audiences since her emergence in the early eighties. 

Below Right: Clarence Page is a regular, syndicated columnist, who 

has won the Pulitzer Prize for Commentary, and has received an 

award for his outstanding coverage of black people and the black 






Left: Leon Lederman, is a Nobel Prize Winner in Physics ('88), and 
recently retired as director of the Fermi National Accelerator 
Laboratory to teach undergraduate liberal arts students at the 
University of Chicago. 

Below: Ruth Sidcl, is professor of sociology at Hunter College of 
the City Universidy of New York, and has lectured widely in the 
U.S. and in other countries on women's issues and social policy. 
Below Left: Bernie Krause composes music from unadultered nature 
and animal sounds in the hopes that he is increasing people's awareness 
of the diversity and fragility of the natural world. 

Other notable participants included Richard Bernstein, Barry 
Commoner, Harlan Ellison, Stuart Ewen, Robert Heilbronncr, Fred 
Kent, Myron Krueger, Standish Lawder, Andy Lippman, Amory 
Lovins, Walter Meador, Bruce Murray, and Stuart Newman. 

Hats Off ! ! ! 

Seniors John Roach, Josh Cramer, and Will Lawrence take their hats off to their fellow 1991 
graduates for their hard work over the past four years and wait to throw them up in the air to 
celebrate the final accomplishment of having completed their undergraduate degree at Colorado 

The senior class came from all over the United States and the world, and got to know each other 
well over the process of studying and study breaking together. Though they came from different 
backgrounds, they found a common goal to pursue together. Now they will go their separate 
ways again, but hopefully meet again soon and stay in touch. 

Commencement excercises were held on Monday, May 13th, at 8:30 a.m. in the Armstrong 
quadrangle, with a President's reception immediately following the ceremonies. Dick Cheney was 
the speaker and Bruce Casson was the senior speaker. 



Susan Williams 
John Bridges 
Luke Connelly 
Diana Litvak 
Susan Arnold 
Jane Booker 

Tiffany Shipp 
Lynette Gudicello 
Meg Stiff 
Beth Farnham 
Chris Morrison 
Deb Robison 

Chris Marks 
Mike Gross 
Colin Aymond 
Mark Stern 
Josh Cramer 



""JJ^jHP Eric Nickell, Brecken 
iS Chinn, Bruce Casson 

David Martin, Judy 
Lewellan, Jennifer Hare, 
Jeffrey Rydberg 

*V* V - Jason Ross, Katrina 
Blair, Julie Duckstad 

Lindsay Armstrong, 
Chris Morrison, Amy 
Bilsing, Averil Rothrock, 
Elizabeth Keen, Karen 



He - O^*- 

Addison Diehl, Jim King, 
Tripper Bevan 




Kristy Morlan, Mike Shaw 

Jenny Riggs, Sandy Buffet, Cyndie Hoffman, Kristin 
Poulsen, Parice Hulbert 



Jessica Crosby 
So Yon Bueno 
Danielle Walters 

Jonathan Knight 
Curt Cocodrilli 

Paige Neifert 



- ZJA 

Chris Mark 
Robert Boardman 
Mark Stern 



. * * - 1 - z *. *.*.?♦ "-"- 

Kristin Poulsen 
Parice Halbert 

David Rippon 




So Yon Bueno 
Matt Jolley 

Ar .'__ . '-"^Tl 

W - "T 

lb : i 

^^^^H, ^ 

\« •■'- 

^^H/ | 


v /*^^H^^M 

1 ^ 

H H 

Eric Duran 
Pancho McFarland 
Paul Tumarkin 



Cam Nestor 
Kimber Felton 
Michelle McKinnon 

Jason Ross 
Nick Sherman 


Amy Hempe 
Dana Middents 

_-. -. 


Lisa Mochizuki 
Son Hui Kim 
Wendy Hsieh 



Mark Williamson 
Jim McDermott 
Matt Stewart 
Bruce Wallen 
Cal Rogers 
Tom Crum 
Scott Glassmeyer 

Steve Hammons 
Brad Wilson 
Joel Schaeffer 
Kevin Drescher 



Ellen Colvin 
Lisa Mochizuki 
Kristy Morlan 
Aubrey Hord 
Kate Edwards 

Wende Nocton 
Amy Hempe 
Carrie Martin 
Carrie Ross 
Dana Middents 
Kamisha Begay 
Nicole Montoya 
Katherine White 

Tim Donahue 
Kristen Poulsen 
James Eule 
Benton Bond 
Mike Roark 

Matt Duvall 
Pete Beelan 
Deb Robison 
Alison Dunlap 
Beth McMillon 



Carrie Martin 
Katherine White 



Sue Willsie 
Tiffany Shipp 
Sara Olson 
Mary Cheney 
Tracy Stegall 

Mike Gross 
Matt Kennedy 

Aubrey Hord 
Sarah Murphy 

Andy Schwartz 
Amy Kipfer 
Diana Litvak 

Sally Clark 
Hadley Boyd 



Cassye Milton 
Jen Worthen 

Judy Lewellan 
Karen Nickerson 
Judi Abeson 



Andy Fahlund 
Jennifer Michelletti 
Arden Trewartha 
Courtney Rudd 
Sarah Sellergren 
Val Oldham 
Laurie Gregg 

Marissa Nordstrom 
Lucia Aguayo 
Lynn Sandifer 
Jill Peters 

Kristen Poulsen 
Kate Edwards 

Jen Haeffele 
David Marklee 



I Kate Reagan 
Beth Farnham 
Lynette Gudicello 
Tiffany Shipp 
Deb Robison 

Rob Wheaton 
Marina Lindsey 
Matt Kennedy 
Will Lawrence 



Christy Allison 
Laura Phillips 

Kate Edwards 
Lisa Mochizuki 
Aubrey Hord 
Kristy Morlan 
1 Ellen Colvin 

Jonathan Goldstein 
Katherine Pease 
Amy Kipfer 
Sara Selligren 

Laura Jenny 
Jane Booker 




Lynette Gudicello, Jennifer Kuehner, 
Katherine Aquavia, Katharine 

Jordan Higgins 

Lisa Seed, Stephanie Feistner 

Gia Crecelius, Samara Ferber, 
Ellen Colvin, Heidi Gimbel, 
Julie Nash, Susan Romberger, 
Son-Hui Kim, Lisa Mochizuki, 
Wendy Hsieh 



David Marklee 
Christy Allison 
Dana Nossoman 

Tracy Reed 
Jen Merriam 

Jen Worthen 
Lynn Sandifer 



Jen Merriam 
Allison Gunn 
Rod Ramsey 



Cynthia Haun 

Carrie Ross 
Carrie Martin 


Lisa Seed 
Kerry McCune 

Addison Diehl 



Julie Green, Laura Phillips, Christy Allison, Kate Lawson, Katrina Blair, 

Tamar Ehrlich, Tracy Reed, 

Sara Joel, Christine Mack, Amy Kipfer, 

Shannon Nienow, Rebecca Kaminsky, Arden Trewartha, Courtney 

Jackson, Liza Burke 


Scott Glassmeyer 
Mike Gross 
John Man- 

Sara Clark 
Hadley Boyd 

Kate Edwards 
Jennifer Hare 
Jen Worthen 
Aubrey Hord 



Beth McMillon 
Peter Beelan 
Allison Dunlap 

Susan Williams 
John Bridges 
Liz Arnold 
Jane Booker 



Judi Abeson 
Tiffany Shipp 

Tracy Reed 
Kate Edwards 

.-.-.-.-.•.-♦.-.- . 

*«: : :• 


Nina Drobnak 
Kristie Kuarez 
Jen Thomassen 



Dana Middents 
M.T. Antsty 
Carrie Ross 
Carrie Martin 


Sarah Miller 
Kerry McCune 
Leanne Winner 
Katie Hansen 
Johanna Bond 
Lisa Seed 
Stephanie Feistner 




Carrie Ross 
Craig Coulter 

*;• * 

Ed Pells 




Joanie Butzar 
Martha Pelster 

Melinda Smith 
Ann Bailey 
Gayle Reichert 
Miranda Roar 
Jennifer Moscow 



Cameron Hollister 
Mike Dolotta 

Cindy Hoffman 
Jenny Riggs 
Krista Anderson 

Ashley Knocke 
Ann Stark 
Debbie Pogue 



Cameron Hollister 
Rob Lavelle 

Andrew Brown 
Marina Lindsey 
Pete Langson 
Susan Williams 
Luke Conelly 
Andrew Fahlund 
Logan Kendall 
Mark Phillips 
Julie Rothchild 
Brian Joseph 



Rich McMurtrey 
Stephanie Ching 

Chris Aaron 




Cam Nestor 

' ggl 

■ X **^ ^^1 


wi ./J 



a. ^H 1 ** 

^Hfl^Hk ^"^ "~ —- * r ^^H 




\ tZlSTA 

i- ■ 






Steve Orth 
Joel Schaeffer 
Steve Hamman 
Brad Wilson 
Will Lawrence 







Andrea Cubin 
Teresa Kugler 
Andrea Howe 





Kathy Lantz 
Jon-Mark Patterson 




A student works on a program for his computer science class over in the Barnes Science 
Center's new computer room facilities. There are computers in all of the major residence halls, 
Worner Center, the Library, Armstrong Hall and in Olin. Macintoshes, and Texas Instruments 
and other IBM compatible computers are available for general student use with word processing, 
quattro, pascal and other programming languages available on it. The school is also hooked up to 
a electronic mail system so that you can use computers to talk to other people. 




Michael Nowak 

Laurel Watkins 

Not Pictured: John Kantner, Mario Montano, Alison Seyler, Marianne Stoller 

Not Pictured: Christine Boeckl, Karen Darling, Terry Freeman, Yuji Hiratsuka, 
William Jeavons, Ruth Kolarik, Gale Murray, Carl Reed, Bogdan Swider, James 
Trissel, Charles Walters 


Kenneth Andrews 

Ronald Capen 

James Enderson 

Jim Ebersole 

Alexandra Vargo 

Barbara Winternitz 

Not Pictured: Gary Beauvais, Jack Carter, Ronald Hathaway, Sylvia Kelso, 
Carol Lane, Marcy Litvak, Jane Newberry, Carolyn Noble, Jacqueline Siddall, 
Richard Storey, Pat Zahoruiko 



Theodore Lindeman 

Nathan Bower 


Not Pictured: Janet Barker, William Champion, Harold Jones, Keith Kester, 
Bobbt McCarthy, Scott Mogel, Peter Neifert, Tom Zamborelli 



Gypsy Ames 


! 1 


|Peggy Berg 

Thomas Lindblade 


Not Pictured: Donna Arnink, Bob Goss, Mary Ann Jones, James Malcolm 

Mariamna Soudakoff 


Libby Rittenberg 


Christopher Griffiths 

I Judith Lauxl 

Mark Smith 

Esther Redmount 

William Weida 

Not Pictured: Cathe Antonuccio, William Becker, Michael Bird, Sheila Fuller, 
Walter Hecox, Pam Jones, Vibna Kapuria-Foreman, Mark Paich, Robert Pizzi, 
Nelson Repenning 

Not Pictured: Mary kay Carlson, Roenna Cohen, Priscilla Engelin, Maxine Krall, 
{Catherine O'Neal 

Charlotte Mendoza 



George Butte 


Daniel Tynan 

Not Pictured: Christopher Castiglia, Roenna Cohen, Joan Cooper, Claire Garcia, 
Donna Gianarelli, Joseph Gordon, Thomas Mauch, Neale Reinitz, Adrienne 
Seward, John Simons, Mark Stavig, Liza Wieland, James Yaffe 

Not Pictured: Deborah Ferguson, Eiler Henrickson, Scott Linneman, Craig 
Lundstrom, Peter McCarville, Paul Myrow, Jeffrey Noblett 

iTom Barton 

Robert McJimsey 


Timothy Cheek 

Douglas Monroy 

Not Pictured: Susan Ashley, Peter Blasenheim, Carol Neel, Sandra Papuga, 
Dennis Showalter 

Kathy Merrill 


David Roeder 


John Watkins 

Not Pictured: Marlow Anderson, Laura Clemens, Deborah Cotten, James 
Henderson, Carole Mills, Mike Siddoway 




Not Pictured: Richard Agee, Diana Anderson, Martha Booth, Beverly Bolger, 
Dan Brink, Patricia Croke, Raymond Dewitt, Lyn Doyon, Guy Dutra-Siveira, 
Nancy Ekberg, Carlton Gamer, Susan Grace, David Honig, Donald Jenkins, Kay 
Leatherman, Jeani Muhonen, Robert Murray, Wayne Schneider, Stephen Scott, 
Janine Seay, Frank Shelton, Susan Smith, Daryll Stevens, David Zuercher 

Not Pictured: Yifat Hachamovitch, Dianne Henn, Harvey Rabbin, John Riker 

Judith Genova 


Edward Langer 


Val Veirs 

Robert Loevy 

olitical Science 

Not Pictured: Thomas Cronin, Timothy Fuller, David Hendrickson, Jane Stark 


Andrew Dunham 



Not Pictured: Alan Campbell, Delores Haines, Gilbert Johns, Ann Palmer, 
Donald Shearn 

John Horner 



Sam Williams 

Not Pictured: Kenneth Burton, Douglas Fox, Dianne Henn 



Herving Madruga 

Sarah Simmons 


Not Pictured: Salvatore Bizzarro, Joan Cooper, Donna Gianarelli, Clara Lomas, 
Kevin O'Connor, Marcelle Rabbin, Gabriella Ricciardi 

Suzanna Walters 


Not Pictured: Molly Andrews, Thelma Barvoets, Robert Dunne 



National News 

Left: The U.S. Senate rejected a constitutional amendment 
against flag burning on June 26, 1990. The Senate voted 58- 
42 in favor, nine short of the required two thirds majority 
needed. The house rejected it with Democratic leaders, saying 
that it amounted to placing limits on freedom of speech. 

Below: On April 22, 1990, an estimated 200 million people all 
over the planet celebrated the 20th anniversary of Earth Day as 
activists pleaded for the rise of a new "conservation 
generation" to care for the fragile environment. 

Opposite Page 

Top Left: The Cincinnati Reds, given no chance to beat the 
Oakland Athletics, needed only four quick games to win the 
World Series in one of the biggest upsets in baseball history. 

Top right: A legion of clipboard toting counters sought out 
shelters, subways and steam grates on March 1990 in the 
broadest attempt ever to find out the extent of homelessness 
since it became a national disgrace in the 1980's. The U.S. 
Census Bureau is spending $2.7 million to tally homeless in 

Bottom: The southern U.S. spent most of the Spring 
wringing itself out after weeks of flooking turned entire towns 
into muddy lakes. Those states suffering the most damage 
were Texas, Arkansas, Louisiana, and Mississippi. 



U. S. Tanks reach Saudi Arabia: The U.S. Army's 
heaviest ground firepower reached Saudi soil in 
August 1990, for deployment behind Arab forces 
manning the front line in the standoff with Iraq. The 
war with Iraq and Saddam Hussein, over its takeover 
of Kuwait, began and ended during the second 
semester, 1991, and set the tone for U.S. - Middle 
East relations for years to come. By mid-October of 
1990, more than 200,000 U.S. troops had been 
deployed to Saudi Arabia. 

A ^*^f - v ' 

(0¥.f / 
/A ' 


Chamorro Victory: Violetta Barrios de Chamorro, 
publisher of Nicaragua's opposition newspaper, led a 
14- part coalition to victory over Sandinista rule 
despite political inexperience. The general election 
was monitored ny more than 3,000 international 
observers, including the United Nations, the 
Organization of American States and a delegation led 
by former U.S. President Jimmy Carter. 

Bush and Gorbachev Summit Agreements: 
Celebrating the fruits of their summit diplomacy, 
President Bush and Soviet President Gorbachev 
shook hands and signed a sheaf of agreements, 
including a conditional trade accord. During the June 
1990 summit, the leaders also embraced a preliminary 
deal to cut long-range nuclear arms. 

Nelson Mandela World Tour: Massive crowds turned 
out for African National Congress leader Nelson 
Mandela at every stop on his six-week anti-apartheid 
tour of three continents. Mandela, one of the worlds 
most celebrated political proisoners, was freed by the 
South African government in February of 1990, after 
27 years on prison. 

World Cup Soccer: German fans chanted and 
screamed their pleasure on July 8, 1990, when West 
Germany dethroned Arentina and won the world cup, 
after a match taht had grown ugly with fouls in the 
second hald finally ended. The Argentines took the 
loss as well as could be expected, shaking hands with 
many German youths at the stadium. Many Germans 
headed into central Rome to celebrated the victory that 
came after the frustration of losses in the previous two 
World Cup finals. 

German Reunification: World leaders welcomed a 
united Germany into the international community on 
October 3, 1990. In a message to governments 
worldwide, Chancellor Helmut Kohl pledged that 
Germany would never again pose the territorial claims 
that marked Germany from its initial unification in 
1871 to its defeat and division in World War II. The 
unification came 1 1 months after the berlin wall fell in 
a peaceful revolt that cast aside communist East 
German overlords. 

Residential Life 

RHA sponsored many events, often composed around a theme, for the 
campus community throughout the year, both in their individual hall 
councils and the large council composed of representatives from all of 
on-campus residents. One of these events was a Halloween party put 
on by Bemis and McGregor for Colorado Springs' families. Above, Julia 
Ferguson helps a young one carve a pumpkin for the holiday decorations. 

Other events that have happened due to the influence of the RHA, include blockly study breaks, 
hall and house bar-b-ques to promote community spirit, and all campus parties, such as a Round 
the World dinner, that provided an alternative social outlet on this campus besides the Greek 
scene. RHA also did some educational programming to make people aware of issues that 
concern them such as date rape and AIDS awareness. 

Ticknor Hall 

Back Row: Laura Tedeschi, Dana Middnets, Carrie Ross, Cindy Mitchell, Karen Nickerson, Judi Abeson, Lynn Richardson, Carey 
Wall, Betsy Knox, Lael Rogan; Middle Row: Carrie Martin, Susan Kuwolski, Cassie Wilson, Bridgid Rawley, Lynn Marques, Susie 
Steineke, Susan Duncan; Front Row: Anne Salbenblatt, Karla Markendorf, Aubrey Hord, Currie Jacobus, Sarah Murphy, Melissa 
Macheta; Not Pictured: Kamisha Begay, Laura Cazzola, Stephanie Ching, Alison Dunlap, Julia Green, Shahira Kamal, Melea Madsen, 
Katherine McKinstry, Jill Peters, Peggy Raymond, Molly Taylor, Catherine 
Veninga, Katherine White. 

Colorado College is a residential campus for first through third year students, and though some 
people may think of the residence hall as just a place to sleep and maybe to study, the residence 
halls are much more than that. This year was the first full year of the Residence Hall Association 
- a group of student leaders taken from the residence halls - which has brought many activities to 
the halls, which make them a great place to live in. 

The RHA had its offices in the basement of Ticknor Hall, as did Marriot, the food service 
representative on campus. Ticknor also had laundry facilities installed in its basement floor over 
the summer of 1990. 

Loomis Hall 

Above: Security Guards Michael 
Chambers, Charles Sotherland, and Geno 
Ellison watch over the residents of 

Ground West 

Front Row: Mark Nielsen, Michael 
Armijo; 2nd Row: Shanti Escovedo, 
Brian Krill, Mark Sweet, Jason 
Widegren, Brad Sablowski; Back Row: 
Steven Hicks, Josh Cohn, James Rudolph, 
Sean Hanretta, Brad Jaeckel, Rylan 
North; Not Pictured: David Abromson, 
Brian Birdsell, Chalmer Bitsoi, Sean 
Cavanagh, Kevin Connors, Barry Gordon, 
Nicholas Maynard, John Moore, Daniel 
O'Connor, William Pryor, Joshua 
Rosenfeld, Christopher Sanchez, George 

You're going to pay for 
that one, Shanti. 


Front Row: Nicole Schellstede, Ben 
Siegel, Heidi Wehr, Vanessa Tatsch, J.J. 
Breazeale; Middle Row: Cory Bloome, 
John Blaschke, Brad Sablosky, Sandy 
Gilpin, Gretchen Corbin, Courtney 
Starks; Back Row: Libby Casinelli, 
Karl Krahmer; Not Pictured: Jennifer 
Berg, Kelly Callaghan-Mitchell, Rhonda 
Deen, Brett Gulla, Tammy Higa, Jennifer 
Jose, Rachel Klein, Chien Lai, Adam 
McVeigh, Todd Padavan, Jennifer Ryals, 
Andrew Schwartz. 

1 -North 

Front Row: Karen Yamane, Cara 
Bowcn, David King, Calli Thomas; 2nd 
Row: Duccio Faraoni, Rachel Shwayder, 
Christine Ashley, Jeff Curry, Brian 
Wiggett; Back Row: Jodi Hilton, Jan 
Van Lamsweerde, Gareth Saxe; Not 
Pictured: Chris Boyle, Josh Holo, 
Theodore Nusbaum, Joshua Schachter, 
Alfred Villegas. 


1 -Southeast 

Top Row: Marisha Simons, Morgan 
Gabler; 2nd Row: Meagan Sheehan, 
Johnna Kietzmann, Lynda Olman, Suzi 
Dillon; 3rd Row: Jennifer Crute, Karen 
Zeder, Jill Sprafke, Amanda Fee; 4th 
Row: Laurisa Rogers, Sarah Oderman, 
April Brody, Megan Day; 5th Row: 
Casey Mooney; 6th Row: Rachel 
Tallman, Megan Stoltzfus , Lisa Inkell, 
Lori Larson, Rebecca Felts; Front: 
Leigh Gillette; Not Pictured: Elisa 
Arviso, Jennifer Curte, Amy Duggins, 
Tracy Gabler, Sami Goldman, Sonlatsa 
Jim-James, Aimee Merrill, Anne 
Powell, Katharine Powell, Emily 
Rogers, Rachel Tallman. 

Below: Joyce and Ceil, two of the desk 
receptionists at Loomis, operate the 
switchboard and assist students twenty- 
four hours a day. 


Back Row: Cassye Milton, 
Susan DeCou, Kathy Sabec, Kim 
Rubins; 2nd Row: Wendy 
Hillmer, Julia Jones, Genevieve 
Greer, Melanie Cable, Heather 
Maxwell, Brooke DeNisco; 3rd 
Row: Sherrie Rhoden, Jessica 
Gray, Charlotte Oliver, 
Kathleen Boyd; Front Row: 
Heather Fecke, Melissa Tatch; 
Not Pictured: Emily 
Schaneman, Gabriela Guzman, 
Nikeisha Eaton, Natalie Frater, 
Shawndra Sanger, Jennifer 
Schneider, Masaki Kawahara, 
Juli Gort, Juli Schneider, Stacy 
Rosoff, Amy Mason. 

2-North: Linda Buckley, Traci 
Holbrook, Shannon Scott, 
Shanna Reid, Jenny Phelps, 
Lynne Chastain, Andrea Frasca, 
Pam Mills; Not Pictured: 
Hillary Arnold, Sheri Brasche, 
Leslie Brunner, Heather Davis, 
Julie Duckstad, Ann Ellwein, 
Sara Gordon, Laurel Hanck, 
Jessica Jackson, Rebecca 
McQuitty, Laura Shankland. 

Who's I 

On I 

Crutches ' 

Left: Ray Bartlett and friends 
gather to watch the figure 
skating championships on 


Front Row: Greg Gale, Katie 
Lawlcr, Jennifer Gregory, Amy 
Howlett, Laura Ramos, Jessica 
Saberman; 2nd Row: Vanessa 
Jones, Bitsy Krueger, Kathryn 
Riesenberg, Fred Dryer; Back 
Row: Stephen Pilcher, Shelley 
Robinson, Stacy Black, Jason 
Bowers, Scott Partee; Not 
Pictured: Ray Bartlett, Joanne 
Bonsek, Asheton Carter, Doug 
Dawe, Nathan Garrison, Valerie 
Karaz, Kathleen Lawlor, 
Kathryn Norris. 

What's the Fire Extinguisher For? 


First Column: Keith Mottran, 
Shane Sarchet, Allison Gale, 
Sara Silton, Amy Maurer; 2nd 
Column: Kiki Vorphal, Jennifer 
Schreck, Gia Sullivan, Kirsten 
McDade; 3rd Column: Kandra 
Payne; 4th Column: Christina 
Ganong, Yodi Hewitt, Gina 
Gianerelli, Kara Ayers; 5th 
Column: Brad Yoder; Not 
Pictured: Angela Anderson, 
Katherine DiCola, Robert Lipp, 
Shannon Nienow, Jesse Smith, 
Marissa Tigner, Colleen 

The Point is: They Tried. 


Front Row: Siobham Noble, 
Elizabeth Ortiz, Maren 
Mitchell, Mariya Perkins- 
Seacrest; 2nd Row: Lara Dunn, 
Leigh Lambert, Diana Horowitz; 
3rd Row: Angela Jackson, Amy 
Weitemier, Julie Berglund, 
Tammy Trujillo; 4th Row: 
Eileen Briody, Richard 
McMurtrey, Andrea 
Christensen, Ethan Henmming, 
Leslie Ortman; Back: Josh 
Parker; Not Pictured: Cyndie 
Decker, Eric Del Balso, Michael 
Etchart, Kirsten Fischer, 
Alexandra Haley, Shawn Keener. 
Marcie Kinghorn, Arthur 
Lawrence, Dale Peterson, 
Stephanie Schatz, Matt Seiche, 
Andrew Wilkey. 

Like we have anything in common. 


Back Row: Hans Rikhof; 
Middle Row: John Doe, Seth 
Fisher, Timothy Shea, Catnip 
Frederick, Jason Astle, Paul 
Hunter, Randy Amiscaray; 
Front Row: Peter Geyer, Jeff 
Frantz; Not Pictured: 
Timothy Andersen, Christopher 
Bryan, James Clarkeson, Thomas 
Florey, Timothy Hurtado, 
Matthew Martin, Mark 
Nielson, Jonathan Peirce, Joseph 
Saarinz, Jeremy Tremble. 

Players must wear helmets at all times 


Back Row: Theresa Strausbaugh, Tina Naff, Eric Schwent; Middle Row: Lisa Records, Scott Givens, 
Marty McGraw, Brian Kellogg; Front Row: Kelly McCabe, Karen Huber; Not Pictured: Kristen 
Anderson, Janet Buttenwieser, Zachary Gray, Kristie Lara, Matthew McElroy, Carrie Mertons, Meghan 
Mullan, Kevin Murphy, Avery Runner. 














Above: Jim Macken researches for a paper he has to write. 

Back: Peter Padilla; 2nd Row: Steven Temple, 
Roxi Goin; 3rd Row: Noel Eisenberg, Treloar 
Tredennick; 4th Row: Lucinda Romero, Alice 
Pak, Elizabeth Pratt; 5th Row: Alison Walter, 
Shirley D'Souza; 6th Row: Lillyan Saavcdra, 
Starr Ellison; Front: Elvida Esparza; Not 
Pictured: Chrissi Burnap, Claire Carpenter, 
DeAnn Eley, Tracy Graham, Alex Prime, Phil 
Tracey, Becca Williams. 

Bemis & McGregor 

1st & 2nd Floor Bemis 
Jennifer Dimond, Wendy Abeyta, Alissa 
Linder, Jennifer Berg, Traci Kjelden, 
Meadow Stagner, Melissa Esquibel, Amy 
Bricker, Jennifer Volp, Camille 
Cegielski, Anna Valdez, Laura 
Christensen, Vatsala Kapur, Andrea 
Fiory, Michelle Mestas, Stacia 
Richardson, Kate Freeman, Lee Ippolito, 
Zenziwe Matsue, Heather Larimer, 
Emily Piper, Carol Bradley, Krissy 
Dziedzic; Not Pictured: Rachel Klein, 
Becky Stirling, Emily Becker. 

The Virgin Vault - No Combo, No Mambo; 
Take a book to bed instead. 

3rd Floor Bemis 

Back Row: Theresa Hopkins, Marcy 
Wainwright, Karyn Anderson; 2nd Row: 
Lisa Lehman, Sherri Prud'homme; 3rd 
Row: Mary Pat Taylor, Erin Zimmer, 
Jazmine the Rat, Rosie Bulter; Front 
Row: Nikki Jobin, Christine Roberts; 
Not Pictured: Amy Had, Celine 
Ulibario, Jennifer Haefeli, Laura Foster, 
Amy Lowland, Anne Armstrong, Rachel 
Hess, Cynthia Chavez, Larissa Penz, Julie 
Urquhart, Kristin Van Loon, Jennifer 
Carchman, Alicia Pulsifer, Gwendolyn 
Cox, Laura Struckman, Cynthia 
Butterfield, Karin Reisbeck. 




4th Floor Bemis 
Top Row: Elanorc Cornell, 
Julia Fcrguscn, Kathy Farrow, 
Kristcn Coulter; Middle Row: 
Deborah Dixon, Lynn Sandifer; 
Bottom Row: Erika Enright, 
Laura Bishop, Brecken Chinn, 
Niki Pierson; Not Pictured: 
Rina Kofman, Jeanne Ulmer, 
Annice Kenan, Alexandra 
Lescaze, Andrea Cubin, Allisa 
Sweet, Michelle Kinsel, Stacia 
Nagel, Melissa McGall, Tona 
Winterbottom, Carolyn Read, 
Jennifer Eldridge, Marissa 
Howe, Rebecca Kaminsky, 
Wendy Watson, Gillian 

United Colors of the 4th Floor 


Michael Hartman, David 
Hamasaki, Steven Salada, 
Christian Mulkler-Bathe, Rob 
Naeser, Peter Icke; Not 
Pictured: Brad Yoder, William 
Leung, Todd Holmes, Michael 
Shaver, Rahul Kapur, Tyler 
Stevens, Aaron Lloyd, Justin 
Herrmann, Jeffrey Rydberg, 
Michael McClure, Adam 
Glassman, Gregory Jojola, Jason 
Manosevitz, Theodore Lehmann, 
Phillip Utsch, Philip Brown, 
Matthew Cooper, John Shea, 
Felix Sanchez, Todd Harris, 
Michael Talley, Daniel May, 
Jason Friedt, Brian Olpin, Mark 
Philippart, Nathaniel Feis, Kirk 
Granum, Frederick VandenBerg, 
Michael Eisensen, Andrew Kane, 
Joseph Sellyei, Patrick Judge, 
David Thrower, Perry Brown, 
Mark Hummels, David Schuetze, 
Jason Breaker, Orion Poplowski, 
Matthew Wing, Jack Garrett, 
Conan Bliss, Steven Stevenson, 
Randolph Bernard, Todd 
Andrews, Brian Arnold, Carey 
Richards, Perry Cabot, John 
Lewin III, Lewis Biscamp, 
Leland Fay, Randall Benzel, 
Colin Goodwin, Ezra Bayles, 
Matthew Gregory, David 
Greenberg, Neal Nickles, 
Alexander Orsen, Giles Custer. 

Above: The men of McGregor relax on Sundays in the television lounge on the first floor of the hall. 

1990 was the year of the child, and that inspired the theme for the playhouse this year. The play- 
house was the larger of the two theme houses - accomodating seventeen people. 

The role of the child is important when considering the future of our society. The children of today 
will address the concerns of the environment and national political change tomorrow. But today's 
children have to grow up in a world of drugs, parental neglect and abuse, incest and molestation. 
The students of the Playhouse took it upon themselves to concentrate their attentions on the daily 
lives of children growing up first, especially the family unit, which is the primary source of educa- 
tion, often altered by crises. 

The residents of the Playhouse, and other interested students who helped out, became a supplemen- 
tal part of a needy child's development, fostering friendship and securtiy which may have been 
lacking before. Each member had their own child and family, whom they met with at least four 
hours a week, to develop their relationship. Every other weekend the whole house met with their 
children, and certain weekends were set aside to incorporate parents into activities, too. They 
sponsored hikes, athletic events, and arts and crafts projects. 

These students also sponsored campus-wide education and involvement programs, introducing 
their theme to the communtiy first, and then sharing their experiences and provoking discussions. 
The also involved the community in family oriented entertainment, open to the public, with events 
such as story telling, magicians, plays, and movies. 

The other, smaller, theme house this year was the Greenhouse, a sort of continuance of last year's 
Earthhouse, but unique in its own right. Smaller because they were easier to organize and insure 
commitment and dedication, yet large enough to form committees and break into smaller groups to 
get bigger projects accomplished. The students of this house were an environmentally active orga- 
nization, dedicated to providing an openly accessible center for leading environmental 
consciousmess and motivating environmental action. 

These students believed that fellow students' concerns about the environment can be encouraged 
and converted into action through a program combining examples of enthusiasm and direct leader- 
ship in that field. The residents of the Greenhouse provided that leadership by example on this 

Each resident was an ecologically concerned individual, aware of the many global threats to the 
environment. Many felt overwhelmed or powerless to act on their concerns, but as a group they 
united their visions, strengths, and motivation towards the necessary action in preservint the envi- 
ronment. This group organized cleanups, protests, beautification projects, and workshops which 
had a positive impact on the community. 

The members of both theme houses fostered community spirit each block by spending time to- 
gether as a house, through camping, cabin trips, or meals prepared and eaten together. 



Tenncy House - Playhouse 

Top Row: Dylan Chalk, Jennifer Gately; 2nd Row: Sara Bennett, Jenny 
Nichols; 3rd Row: Rachel Louden, Treena; 4th Row: Ned McCall, Jason 
Bogardus; Front: Peter Petitt; Not Pictured: Adam Yonkers, Helen 
Blair, Jacqueline Heath, Kathryn Riesenberg, Kenneth Chaney, Frederick 
Pope, Robert Findlay, Robert Clements, Jeffrey Lovelace, Craig Coulter. 

Wood House - Greenhouse 
Back Row: Gus Janeway, Travis 
Jordan, TimPeters, Stephanie 
Smith, Gina Randall; Middle 
Row: Marcus Rhinelander, Lisa 
Greer, Treena, Heather Hetzeck; 
Front Row: David, Bryan 
Romer, Jonathan Sherman; Not 
Pictured: Bryan Foster, Kathryn 
Davis, Maria Stelk, Megan 
Sherman, Zachary Drennan. 

9 1 

Foreign Language 

Haskell - French House 
Back Row: Eric Cheese, Charlotte 
Gaither, Laura Shoaf, Christopher 
Danenhower, Christophe Lindner; 
Front: Rosemarie Kountz, Karine 
Tempier, Jennifer McLean; Not 
Pictured: Marcy Farrell, Tammy 
Gravenhorst, Jamie Mclntyre Jr., 
Willow Biver, Nicholas Kekic, Meredith 
Manning, Liza Reeder, Andrew Bradford, 
James Bradbury, Brookes Drake, David 

Spanish House 

Samantha Towbin, Margo Mehl, 
Amber Da, Rey Phillips, 
Kathryn Plummer, Chloe, Lucia 
Hund; Not Pictured: Sarah 
Gordon, Karen Belote, Sarah 
Mead, Michael Morris, A.J. 
Browde, Santiago Foster. 

Para un Buen entendedor con pocas palabras basta. 



Wood Avenue 

Russian House 

Back Row: Trevor Nagel, Lewis; 2nd Row: Kristin Thomas, 
Marie Rubin; 3rd Row: Laura Gilmer, Dory Solzman; 4th Row: 
Sarah Gordon, David Greunke; Front: Dana Nossoman. 

Max Kade House - German 

Back Row: Ben Gallegos, Carrie Wismer; 2nd Row: Ann Skoe, 
Tina Eyre, Chris Swanson; 3rd Row: Antje Fritz, Michele 
Schons; 4th Row: Sarah Hadley, Robert Neer; 5th Row: Lisa 
Sutherland, Suzanne Worner; Front Row: Leah Mathias, Deborah 
Wilson; On Rail: Will Bowman; Not Pictured: Cindy Schaefer, 
Deanna Orth, Jason Hilkey, Peter Woodruff. 

Essen, Trinken und Tanzen 

Montgomery Hall 

Top Row: Melanie Merritt, Jennifer Atkin, Ellen Colvin; 2nd Row: Ellen Ashley, Laura Ogden, Sarah Gauger, Heidi Gimbel, Susan 
Romberger^Marla Mangeot; 3rd Row: Kirsten Nicolaysen, Gia Crecelius, Samara Ferber, Lisa Mochizuki, Jennifer Yates, Christy Allison, 
Sarah Allison; Bottom Row: Julie Nash, Wendy Hsieh, Son-Hui Kim, Stephanie McElroy; Not Pictured: Krista Caufman, Sheila George, 
Parice Halbert, Ann Kay, Catherine Kinslow. 

Montgomery Hall celebrated its centennial in 1990. The Residence Hall Association planned a special 
bar-b-que party to commemorate this event and welcome back old students in the fall. Built and 
furnished by the Women's Educational Society, Montgomery houses 25 upperclass women in single 
rooms and provides a homelike atmosphere for living, studying, meetings and entertaining. 
Montgomery is one of the most popular choices of residence for senior women choosing to live on 
campus, as it has been for one hundred years. HAPPY 100th BIRTHDAY, MONTGOMERY! 


Lennox & Jackson House 


Back Row: John Keilman, Kurt 
Tsumura, Bruce Casson I; Middle: 
Daniel Farber; Front Row: Elizabeth 
Pizio, Margeret Fuller, Erika Williams; 
Not Pictured: Katrina Riggs, Jennifer 
Schon, Michael Sutherland, Karen 
Martin, Wendy Titsworth, Lara Wirtz, 
Maile Shimabukuro, Tammy Voight, 
Lesley Allen, Matthew King, Colleen 
Currie, Paige Neifert, Katherine Weaver, 
Rochelle Beaver, Nicole Thompson, 
David Murphy, Scott Bojett, Jonathan 
Ames, Douglas Hinkle, Christopher 

Finders Keepers 

Jackson House 

Top: Susan Patrick; 2nd Row: 
Gina Hupton, Susie Godwin, 
Katie, Sheila Ruminer, Patty 
Lindley, David Mays, James 
Macken, Alan Blomquist, 
Manuel Rendon, Brian Agan; 3rd 
Row: David Hamasaki, Chip 
Stanley, Amber Da; Front Row: 
Warren Morishige, Dara Small, 
Deb Robison, Taylor, Beth 
McMillon; Not Pictured: 
Happy Atkins, Mimi Bailey, 
Troy Balling, Suzi Barsch, Tracy 
Coughlin, Amber Johnstone, 
Ilya Klein, Douglas Lansky, 
Carlos Martinez, Peter 
Mulvihill, Carl Rhodes, Giles 
Thompson, Chris Weldon, John 

Sheila on Classic Rocer Blondie: "Is that 
Olivia Newton- John?" 

I I 

1 -South 

Top Row: Matthew Singer, 
Trevor Shettron, Todd Sweet, 
Larry Briton II, Stephen 
Edwards, David Inglis; Middle 
Row: Gregory Hamilton, 
Cassidy Bolger; Bottom Row: 
Lakis Polycarpou, Brian Jim, 
Christopher White, David Bell, 
Derek Kelm, Charles Kusalasai; 
Not Pictured: Brian Deutsch, 
Patrick Jones, Pravas Singh, 
Jonathan Speare, Tony Valencia 

"Not us," cry 1 -North and Betsy 
Knox and Stephanie Ching. 

Who says there's no 
such thing as hall 


Slocum is an all first-year students residence 
hall. It is a co-ed dormitory by wings. Most 
students who live here there first year find that 
they have had a great experience, lots of fun, 
and met friends that will last the rest of their 
days here at CC. 

1 -North 

Top Row: Gregory Pritham, Thomas Doggett, David Walsh, Curtis 
Hagedorn, Micheal Myerburg, Patrick McMahon, Sean McBride, 
Brooke Hazen; Bottom Row: David Davies, Timothy Hebert, 
Matthew Moyer, Christopher Peper, Adam Goettsche, Christopher 
Henry, Edward Brush III; Not Pictured: Joachim Chino, Joshua 
Christian, Jonathan Hannum, Christopher Hites, Marc Lagae, 
Robert Phillips, Marcus Taeck. 


Top: Andrew Brown; 2nd Row: Timothy Descaines, Timothy 
Nordvedt, Evan Moran, Sean Kennedy, Orlando Martinez, Brady 
Nathan; 3rd Row: Karl de Costa; 4th Row: David Carlson, Marc 
Phillips, Doug Casson, Robert Rager; Front: Peter Freedman; 
Not Pictured: Jacob Dresden, Pascal Schunk. 


Top Row: Asha Menta, 
Michelle Connor, Jean Fisher, 
Lara Hanlon, Jodi Solomon, 
Tama Ewers, Susannah Murphy, 
Whitney Swanger, Kristen Han, 
Janet O'Brien, Meredith Jensen, 
Kassandra Burk, Corinne Arata; 
Bottom Row: Dana Vackar, 
Elizabeth Bacon, Lisa Katon, 
Katie Sullivan, Kathee Henschen, 
Arrow Augerot, Desiree 
Alexander, Sarah Erickson, 
Jennifer Holmes, Heather Capen; 
Not Pictured: Louisa Armbrust, 
Michelle Berry, Delphine 
Pierrot, Norma Reyes, Susan 
Scallia, Rebecca Vargo, Bettina 


Mark Tuttle, Adam Brezine, 
Mike Seybold, Aaron Hostetter, 
Ray Cochener, Jay Marx, Remy 
Trupin, Shedd Glassmeyer, 
Elliot Pate, Will Swenson, John 
Markham, Dan Devine, Miles 
Conway, Joel Feistner, Dave 
Mueller; Not Pictured: David 
Saphier, Paul Thompson, Justin 
Blum, Andrew Mobley, Matt 
Jackson, Alek Orloff. 

If rash develops, dicontinue use. 


Top Row: Whitney Burroughs, 
Holly Bornemeier, Catherine 
Tcmpero, Sarah Strassburger, 
Sabina Welt; 2nd Row: 
Carolyn Null, Carol Sherman, 
Sarah Von Schrader, Lucy West, 
Amber Boast; Front Row: 
Bethany Brockman, Miranda 
Wright, Jennifer Frank, Renee 
Mestad; Not Pictured: Stacy 
Gray, Sloan Philips, Marcy 

Left: Building a loft often gives a double more space and sometimes even a 
neater look. Escepts for lofts on the first floor of Mathias, lofts must come 
down at the end of the year and are the property and responsibility of the 
students. Many students of all classes use lofts in their room for a greater 

Below: Lounges are great places to relax, enjoy, or study, though you can't 
guarantee that you'll get anything done there. S locum has seven small lounges 
in addition to their television room and recreation room. 


fff t - 






Top Row: Jessica Jessee, Sarah 
Davidson, Jill Ramsey, Valerie 
Struthers, Sarah Lehan, Sherri 
Stevens, Heather McGuire; 2nd 
Row: Marcy McDermott, Karen 
Hausman; 3rd Row: Amy 
Routzon, Rachel Kopfle, Misty 
Romero, Mindy Klowden, Laura 
Buckingham; Bottom Row: 
Anne Stolcis, Jennifer Bush, 
Tracy Woodward, Jennifer 
Rickard; Not Pictured: Monica 
Abeita, Susan Crane, Elsie Dye, 
Jena Graber, Heather Knox, 
Karrie Kohlhaas, Anne 
McGarvey, Jennifer Moyes, Tara 
Nott, Angela Setzer, Laura 
Shriber, Rebecca Swanson, Dane 


Top Row: Penny Richardson, 
Shon telle Lueders, Amy 
Edwardson; Middle Row: 
Valancy Tobler, Graham Austin; 
Bottom Row: Stacey Jonker, 
Kimberly Accardy, Carolyn 
Riman; Not Pictured: Justine 
Abel, Elana Abernathy, Jennifer 
Anderson, Polly Cooper, Stella 
Cruz, Amy Feltovich, Alison 
Ganci, Susan Hinderletter, 
Angela Hunter, Leslie Jones, 
Courtney Klopp, Amy Noonan, 
Angela Osborne, Julianna 
Schneider, Amanda Wallin, Sara 


Top Row: Simon Ramone, 
Cullan Hughes, Lance Horton, 
Timothy Harman; Bottom 
Row: Josh Lowell, David 
Grossman, Robert Read; Front: 
Michael Scagliotti; Not 
Pictured: Peter Brownlee, Eric 
Christensen, Jesse Contreras, 
Robert Faucett, Kristofer 
Kimber, Jonathan Raichart, 
Bryan Roeder, Samuel Sharp, 
John Schutz. 

Not just a place to study 
and sleep 

Left: A large part of residence hall living does not take place 
within the dormitories. Intramural sports, such as soccer, are an 
integral part of campus life. You can find these activities going on 
outside most afternoons in the fall and spring. A lot of people 
participate in this form of athletics, excerise and fun. Many teams 
are formed from wing members. 

Right: Dining on campus comes with living on campus. 
One of the best parts of the cafeteria is the desert station. 
Ice cream must be served at every meal as a condition of 
Mrs. Bemis' donation to the college. 


Robert Tetter, Peter Kent, 
Takuma Hayashi, Jonathan 
White, Jonathan Surdam; Not 
Pictured: Robert Card, Perry 
Carrillo, Randall Czech, 
Thomas Eddy, Matthew Frances, 
Robert Gard, Yuri Kostick, 
Jordan Mechanic, David Rous, 
Todd Schwartz, Christopher 
Soskin, Pat vermillion, Jesse 

The tight knit group of 4th floor S locum 

The women of 4-North. 


Class of 1994 


Top Row: Carey Haas, Jennifer Nesbitt; 2nd Row: Jill 
Pederson, Anne Dorman, Gretchen Greer; 3rd Row: Alease 
Pleasant, Susan Haskell, Amanda Spencer, Emily Hall; Bottom 
Row: Melinda Sharkey, Gina Whitfield, Johanna Leyba, Michelle 
La Forett; Not Pictured: Elizabethe Dunne, Michelle Kaye, 
Robin Rosenberg, Tia Goodman, Abby Allen, Lisa Gonzales, 
Robin Moon, Andrea Pilsbury, Robin Schepps, Stephanie Asbury, 
Susanna Wilson, Carolyn Kontzinsky. 

Spirit Limit 

Below: If you can't have a man spend the night in your room. The 
women of 4-North get into the Halloween decorating spirit in 
style. Try to find one if you can. 


Mathias Hall 

1st Floor Mathias 
Back Row: Wendy Powers, Penny 
Gonzales, Kate Anderson; \ Middle Row: 
Jeffrey Peralta, Brett Zachman, Aaron 
Heidman; Front: Nick Kekic; Not 
Pictured: Brittany Anderson, Michelle 
Beutz, James Cygan, Cynthia Daffron, 
Tanzania Dixon, Aaron Frohumayer, 
Kathryn Grant, Nicole Haugland, 
Randolph Holmes, Ronald Jones, Lisa 
Knowles, Danielle McCoy, Jennifer 
Neal, Robert Nieland, Kendra Oyen, Jung 
Soo Pak, Yong Soo Pak, Shawn 
Reddington, Cassie Roberts, Michele 
Santos, Julie Sherrill, Kristine Stark, 
Jennifer White, Kristine Stark, Kelley 

Mathias 2-West 

Back Row: Amy Stretmater, Heather 
Smith, Dao-yuan Chon Amy Peck; 2nd 
Row: Bianca Pineda, Lexi Faison, Anne 
Boatwright, Sarah Vigil, Julie O'Jala, 
Kimberly, Barner; 3rd Row: Tamara 
Browder, Stephanie Cox, Amber 
Gillberg, Belinda Burns, Marieka Brown, 
Sunshine Lawley; Front Row: Shelley 
Wiseman .Kristen Axtman; Not 
Pictured: Elizabeth Bennett, Adriana 
Blake, Laura Brewster, Erin Burkett, 
Shawn Butter, Lea Casperson, Diana 
DiStefano, Amy Edwards, Laura Hemmy, 
Nicole Kintz, Carrie Mader, Carolyn 
McCarthy, Julia Munsch, Jennifer 
Osborn, Sarah Phillips, Martha Ross, 
Wendy Westhoff. 


Mathias 2-Core 
Back Row: Jaime Roca, 
Courtney Murphy, Jennifer 
Behanna, Taina Sakagawa, Julia 
Hobson, Katherine Cecil, 
Mitchell Eaton; Middle: Jason 
Kirkman; Front Row: Anne 
Kern, Melanie Berwin, Michael 
Kazda; Not Pictured: Steven 
McElwain, Matthew 
Hutchinson, Collon Kennedy, 
David Kim, John Lanhgus, Susan 
O'Neill, Jody Shear. 

Mathias 2-East 
Back Row: Thad Ryals, 
Matthew Abell, Jeffrey Dale, 
Jesse Bentz, Evan Howe, Kevin 
Drake, Brian Richardson, James 
Lewis; Middle Row: Thomas 
Newton, Mark Appleby, Keith 
Nitta, Joshua Keilty, Robert 
Wehner; Front Row: Robert 
Stove, Andrew Wiesner; Not 
Pictured: Eric Anderson, Paul 
Badalich, Matthew Bastress, 
Brad Beall, Karl Becker III, 
Brian Bethard, Denis Casey, 
Jason Choo, Robert Cooley, 
Michael Drum, Paul Elia, 
Christopher Hymmes, Scott 
Lodzieski, Christopher 
McCafferty, John Mooney, Guy 
Mossman, Steven Nelson, James 
Paradise, Patrick Rafferty, 
Shawn Reid, Nicholas Weigal. 


Back Row: Stephanie Judd, Joel 
Trachtenberg, Andrea Paist, 
Scott Roberts, Karla Thompson; 
Front Row: Brian Kates, Keri 
Dawson, Jared Jobe; Not 
Pictured: Lori Allen, Karen 
Badonie, Michael Breiner, 
Natalie Carillo, Julie Carlson, 
Seanna Chandler, William 
Corum, Andrew Crumbaugh, 
Omar Danmally, Sandra 
Gonzales, Benjamin Grant, 
Pamela Hills, Mia Kosglow, 
Kathleen Kreton, Tracy Lowe, 
Alistair Luchs, John Mitchel, 
Maria Moore, Brian Nord, 
Simon Olivas Jr., Nancy 
Peterson, Jacqueline Ponder, 
Matthew Price, Anthony 
Raimondo, Marish Rajwar, Scott 
Roberts, Isidra Santos, Hilary 
Sommers, Amy Turnbull, 
Beatrice Watchman, Jennifer 
Wolinetz, Andrea Zeisler. 

3 -Core 

Back Row: Margaret 
Rosenquist, Jamie 
Schwellenbach, Elizabeth 
Shaffer, Steve, Andrew Savona, 
Doug Ortman; Front Row: 
David Tusek, Javier, Laura 
Hegerle; Not Pictured: 
Stephanie Bailey, Derek 
Edwards, Sean Fitzgerald, 
Mauice Frak, Nicholas 
Freedman, Abigail Koch, Lisa 
McGee, Reynolds Moulton, 
Christopher Petty, Thane 
Riordan, Ashley Whittaker, 
Robert Wilson, Danya Zonski. 


Back Row: Keith Holcomb, Scih Bacon, 
David Luebke, Erik Mason; Front Row: 
Megan Bray, Johnine Pietoski, Meredith 
Manning, Stacy Black, Kree Swanson; 
Not Pictured: Bradden Brook, Justin 
Burke, Jonathan Elsberg, Dirk Freming, 
Tracy Graham, Robert Granato, Ismael 
Gomez, Janet Hicks, Scott Ingvoldstad, 
Mark Irvine, Jody Jaraczewsi, Travis 
Jordan, George Kroh, Todd Mays, Patrick 
O'Mallcy, Kristen Pallmer, Stefanie 
Prochaska, Robert Record, Heather 
Staefner, Kristen Swanson, Kraig Uhl, 
Pamela Uihlcim, Margot Voorlines, 
Lawrence Wale. 

Above left and above right: If you can't get a 
single after your first year, you can at least 
choose your roommate. Some people may not 
choose to live with their best friends though. 

Left: Sometimes having a single means that you 
don't keep it as clean because you don't have a 
roommate who may not be as messy as you. 



Back Row: Cissy Wafford, 
Jennifer Sigafoos, Frank Bond; 
Middle Row: Chad Morris, 
Bryan Courts, Anne Dean, 
Alanna Brown, Angelic Diaz; 
Front Row: Jayson Felty, Cam 
Maw, Jon Witfield; Not 
Pictured: Kurt Anderson, Eric 
Auter, Tami Caleen, Elizabeth 
Carpenter, Sean Caten, Sung 
Chang, Andrew Cotrich, 
Andrew Dougherty, Michael 
Drennan, Alexander Durst, Clay 
Fenlason, Brent Giles, David 
Hamlow, Christopher Lee, 
David Martin, Jonas Mason, 
Mark Peterson, Christine Roe, 
John Stephenson, Erin Trampler, 
Philip Tschersich, Michael 


Back Row: Rachel Bellamy, 
Robin Bernat, Laura Jones, Lisa, 
Amy Chadwick; Front Row: 
Theresa de la Garza, Mary 
Sweatt; Not Pictured: Hilary 
Garnsey, Sarah Grote, Tricia 
Holwell, Audra Kershbaum, 
Jennifer Lind, Shana MacKenzie, 
Stacy Messer, Dana Slesinger, 
Camilla Van Liew, Pamela* 
Wilson, Kristine Zeits. 



Back Row: Nicholas Psarakis, 
Daniel Cullum, Scth Cohen, 
Lawdon, Jeffrey Dodge; 
Middle: Edward Salazar; 
Front Row: Kirk Milze, David 
Santos Jr., Ted Romero; Not 
Pictured: Katherinc Anderson, 
Ramona Barkhorst, Quinn Capcn, 
Justine Crowley, Michael 
Durfee, David Forester, Chetan 
Ghate, Reder Gordon, Robert 
Gullum, Robert Gunn, Michael 
Harkins, Julia Jacobs, 
Christopher Kishiyama, David 
Leverson, Adam Luzietti, 
Stephen Mahoney, Amber 
Mayes, Celia Mayes, Kirby 
Mcllyan, Julie Merick, Rachel 
Mills, Gina Pluemer, Katherine 
Regan, Michael Reid, David 
Roy, Christopher Smith, Ellen 
Starr, Maren Tengler, Amy 
Tucker, Jeremy Vannatta, Karen 
Waxer, David Weinraub, 
Kristina Wiggins, Kurt Wilson, 
Robert Wilson, Jimmy White, 
Chad Wright. 

Below: Many people like to live on the top floor 
of the residence hall or house that they choose 
because it is quieter or at least more private. The 
only thing wrong with this, they say, is moving 
in and out at the beginning and end of the school 



;\ 7 



Above: Ever since phone jacks were installed in each of the rooms last 
year, it has been easier to get a hold of people. . . or at least their 
answering machines. But most students, like Susan Duncan, would agree 
that being able to have a conversation in the privacy of your own room is 
worth while. 

2- West House 

Penny, Julia, Erin, Amy, Laura, 
Marie; Not Pictured: Dray, 
Martba, Shaun, Lea. 

The women of the 2-West House 
in Mathias are one of many 
groups on campus that have 
opted to live together in a group 
housing available to 
upperclassmen at CC, most of 
which is located in Mathias. 
They go through a separate 
lottery process than' the rest of 
the students. 




J^^V T ^W W^ ««h 

* M "** J *• k» K "*3 Efe^^ 


S i 

1 /I ^•^ < Ml 

■ 4 V 

Let us show you a good time. 

Arthur House 

Eli Haskell, Joseph Morse, Jason 
Valant, William King, 
Christopher Noyes, Aaron Griess, 
Richard Moore, David Solomon, 
Gregory Brown, Max Edelman, 
Nicholas Mystrom, Christopher 
Burt, Jerry Giacinto Jr., Dalton 
Ross, Michael Shaw, Aaron 
Boelter, Kirk Solo, Cecil Stowers 
Jr., Lee Vierling, Kenneth Last. 

San Rafael Apartments 
Back Row: John Michael 
Gottesfeld, Joseph, Willet 
Willis; Middle: Stephen 
Darger, Front Row: Ai Li, 
Becky Geshelin, David, Joseph 
Short; Not Pictured: Kristen 
Perry, Mark Glaze, Kia DeCou, 
Jane Hendrix, Natasha Lutorida, 
Jennifer Tegan, Christopher 
Cole, Ian Boersma, Katherine 
McDougall, Amy Palmer, 
Christopher Case. 

Right: Rush 
hours, such as 
evening of 
Homecoming or 
leave some 
students, like 
Aubrey Hord 
here, waiting 
for a shower. 

Above: Three-fourths of the students 
will celebrate their birthdays while away 
at school. Many, like Dale Peterson, 
will party with wingmates. 

Right: Senior Betsy Knox, in deep 
thought about (avoiding) her future after 
graduation in May. 

1 1 1 

Off-Campus Students 

Amy Bilsing, Averil 

Rothrock, Karen 

Klotter, Christine 

Morrison, Lindsay 

Armstrong, Elizabeth 


1219 N. Weber 

Scott Hoge, Adam 
Mishaga, Daniel Wiencek' 
824 N. Tejon 

1 1 2 

Will Lawrence, Christy Baker, 
Logan, Kimberly Felton, Peter 
211 E.Uintah 

James Eule, Michael Rourk, Tim 
Donahue, Joseph McBreen, Benton 
Bond, Steve Mottram 
1229 N. Weber 

Kerry McCune and Lisa Seed 
1231 N. Nevada 

1 1 3 


Maxwell Taylor 

Not Pictured: Carol Baker, Marlyn Burch, Patricia Collander, David Finley, Kim 
Grassmeyer, Paul Jones, Keith Kester, Kin Lutze, Laurel McLeod, Victor 
Nelson-Cisneros, Catherine Rivers, Karla Roth, Sally Whitaker, Arlene Wyman; 
Legal Counsel - Renee Rabinowitz 



Ellen Goulding 

dmissions Office 


Carol Peterson 

Terrance Swenson 

Richard E. Wood 

Not Pictured: Becky Bruns, John Gudvangen, Linda S. Hunemuller, Lisa Lane, 
Sandy Preutt, Gerry Schmitt, Marlys J. Trees, Maria White, Marjorie White, 
Sandy Yowell. 



lumni Relations/ 



Not Pictured: Diane Benninghoff, Eddrie Clark, Christy Douglass, Janet Enright, 
Terri Hoskins, Karin Kinney, Dee Meske, Alicia Morley, Donna Morse, Sharon 



Horst Richardson Al Walker 

Not Pictured: David Adams, Christy Bachelier, Brad Buetow, Betty Burg, Gerald 
Carle, Ted Castaneda, Rene Chaffee, Theresa Elbogen, Norita Gerster, Dave 
Grantz, Bruce Kola, Tony Kreusch, Jerrel Lear, Steve Mandel, Jacqueline 
Medina, Dang Pibulvech, Matt Shaw, Joani Schofield, Chris Starr, Maxwell 
Taylor, Nancy Wolf; Boettcher - Judy de Lassus, Barbara Douglas, William 
Dove, Diana Fuller, Pat Gustavson, Elizabeth Holtby, Bonnie McKay, Virginia 
McMinn, Roxanne Mitchell, Nancy Paton, Leigh Priebe, Judith Reynolds, Roy 
Rosenthal, Jackie Taylor, Nancy Wilsted, Stephanie Zimmer 



udio Visual 

Not Pictured: Randy Babb, John Bridges, Jack Null; Instructional Media - Marni 
Armstrong; KRCC - Lyn Akers, Jeff Bieri, Sharon Malley, Dee Penderson, 
Mario Valdes 



usiness Office 

Elizabeth Halle 

Not Pictured: Brenda Badial, Kate Cornelius, Karleen Cotton, Joyce Gale, 
Isabelle Gates, Koleen Hassey, Beth Leaver, David Lord, Nina Meza, Jackie 
Nelson, Pauline Parker, Eleanor Pietsch, Penny Rains, Lorinda Taylor, Thomas 
Wenzlau, Robert Wickham 



Not Pictured: Chris Fowles, Helen Gryboski, Janice Herron, Madeline 
Krawczyk, Ruth Morr, Barbara Vickers, Jeannie Wellmann, Stacey Wing 





Not Pictured: Jeff Atkinson, Jan Clark, Pat Munson 



Sharon Daughton 

omputing Services 

Dennis Osborne 

Edward Winograd 



Not Pictured: Erich Champion, Judy Erickson, Susan Huntington, Frederick 
Keller, Dick Paine, Lisa Roos, Eric Ross, Michael Smargie, Darryl Zimmer; 
Communications and Summer Conferences - Lea Henson, Alice Ledbetter, Kelly 


Shannon Mitchell 

evelopment Office 

Not Pictured: Pam Buick, Elaine Freed, Joy Fritz, Michael Hannigan, Margaret 
Hillman, Charla Huckabay, Phillippa Kassover, Donna McFarland, Kathryn 
Monahan, Dolores Moon, Lorraine Pluemer, Isabelle Shaw, John Thelin Marlene 
Thompson, Sally Whitaker 





Not Pictured: Kathy Hill, Gaye Scheafer, Jane Vogel 

Julie Jones-Eddy 

Cath Finney, one of the reference librarians, sits at her 
computer to try and help a student find some information. 


Barbara Neilon 

Robin Satterwhite 

Not Pictured: Duane Bakken, Diane Burgner, Marcia Christensen, Mary Ellen 
Davis, Linda Day, Rita Edgington, Clyde Eliot, Judith Finley, Catherine Finney, 
Robert Fischer, Rhonda Gonzales, Dorothy Gumaer, Beverly Jahn, Dagmar 
Johnson, Mary Katherine Johnson, Karen Kapps, Virginia Kiefer, Michael 
McEvers, Clara Mohan, Frank Mosher, Miriam Salimi, Jeane Seitz, John 
Sheridan, J. Casey Welch, Beverly Wetley, Wei Yang 



Physical Plant 

This is the group of the people who worked on the renovation of the Van Briggle 
Physical Plant Building and is only a portion of our staff. 

Top row: George Eckhardt, Leslie Ernst, Lloyd Knutson, Peter Ordway, John DeLa Hunt, Robert 
Schawe, Donald Ayotte, Brad Bradbury, Gale Clark, James Montoya, Sr., Tracy Brown, Tom Larcher, 
Manuel Aguilera, Vic Gelner, Doug Sullivan, Phillip Rector; Bottom Row: Floyd Vigil, Sal Salazar, 
Adam Valdez, Donald Crochet, Reggie Lopez, Sam O'Neill, Tom Cashell, Gene Fawcett, Bud Shelton; 
Not Pictured: Michael Adams, Thomas A. Ballard, Ronald Beutler, Wayne Bittle, Cecil Brown, Travis 
Butts, John Cansdale, Thomas Cashell, Michael Chambers, Richard Cox, Karen Crews, James 
Delohery, Darrel Dunigan, Thomas Dunn, Eugene Ellison, Eugene Fawcett, William Gaash, John 
Garnica, Vctor Gelner, John Harrington, Keith Hatter, Harold Hicks, Jeff Hines, Darrold Hughes, 
Jesse Johnson, Terry Kemp, Donald Lawson, Jeffrey Le Bert, Carl Lebrun, Will Mackey, James 
McGee, Santiago Montoya, Jr., Susan Moorman, Neal Murakami, Felipe Ortega, Lee Parks, Harold K. 
Polk, Jimmy Pugh, Orlando Salazar, Lucinda Schubarth, Sherlock Shortt, Frank Sisneros, Joseph 
Slater, William Solano, Charles Sutherland, Douglas Sullivan, Josheph Tanner, Roland Tayler, 
Andthny Valdez, Michael Walter, Ruth Wareham, John E. Wendt, Bobby Winfield, Robert 
Winkelblech, William Wise. 



Margaret Van Horn 

Not Pictured: Donna Engle, Ella Gibson, Margery Olmstead, Debbie Paton, Jean 





Greg Wilborn 



Not Pictured: Vastie Adams, Eileen Beauregard, Laura Bishop, Italia Burke, Del 
Callender, Michael Cecil, Gloria Chavez, Manuel Chavez, Peggy Conroy, 
Rosemary Cordova, Roger Cormier, Earline Crochet, Julieta David, Roberta 
Doran, Mary Duncan, Blair Hall, Durelle Jones, Bernardine Krueger, Josie 
Martinez, Irene Riddle, Ronald Salazar, John Wheeler 



hove Chapel 

Not Pictured: Kathleen Bizzarro, Father Owen McHugh, Phoebe McReynold 



Cynthia Funk 
Assistant Director 
Career Center 

Kimberly Grassmeyer 


Center for Community Service 

Lynn Rhodes 
Career Center 

orner Campus Center 



Not Pictured: Bookstore - Arvonne Binkerd, Suzanne Garnish, Alicia Greis, 
Steve Langlois, Gini Londry, Kay Nelson, Kathy Peterson, Marilyn Rigdon, Jean 
Smith, John Smith; Career Center - Carolyn Gianarelli, Brenda Montague, Sharyl 

Not Pictured: Central Services - Jessie Ballou, Joni Brandner, Cynthia Gordon, 
Carol Hinck, Gayle Howe, Lisa Smith, Ardis Weiner; Food Service - Rob 
Dougherty, Shelly Duran, Mike Fields, Evelyn Graski, Troy Larson, Marcia Lee, 
Carmen Terry; Leisure Program - Adele Schonbrun, Jeanne Steiner, Charles 
Walters, Mailroom - Sally Eisentraut; Worner Desk - Bill Alvina, Roddy Plym, Al 


Worner Center Desk: Ann Vellon, Martha Spencer, 
Claire Borel, Nellis Reinert, Sara Sugerman 

I Leisure Program: Georgia Robertson, Dorothy Phililps, 
I Sara Sugerman 






em i 


A. S.I. A. - Any Student Interested in 

Back Row: Rahul Kapur, Ai Li, Sung 
Chang; Middle Row: Rhonda Deen, 
Cathy Kinslow, Kurt Tsumura, 
Masaki; Front Row: Weber Lin, 
William Leung, Christina, So Yon 
Bueno, Kanae. 

B.S.U. - Black Student Union 
Back Row: Aaron Llyod, Kyle 
Samuel, Rhonda Deen, Omar, Cassye 
Milton; Front Row: Cathy 
Kinslow, Crystal Cornell, Mary 
Sweatt, Nicole Thompson, Taa Dixon, 
Rochelle Mason. 

MeChA - 

Back Row: Carol Bradley, Anna 

Valdez, April Brody, Manuel 

Rendon, Penny Gonzales, Eric Doran, 

Carlos Martinez; Front Row: Sonja 

Silva, Poncho, Natalie Carillo, Paul 




Leadership & 





j% *\ 

/ '■*• 

C.C.C.A. - Colorado College 
Campus Association 
Back row: Michael Drcnnan, 
Phil Brown, Carl Rhodes, Mark 
Glaze, Gia Crecclius, Marina 
Lindsey, John Calhoon; Front 
Row: Wendy Hsieh, Ashley 
Knocke, Sarah Gauger, Maren 
Tcnglcr, Debra O'Conner, 
Aubrey Hord 





r >, 


R.H.A. - Residence Hall Association 
Back row: John Blaschke, Mary 
Quinn; 2nd row: Brad Beall, Erin 
Zimmer; 3rd Row: Aubrey Hord, 
Greg Wilborn; Front: Jason 



k UDU>A" 





Keeping Ties with 

STAR Core: Arrow Augerot, 
Kara Ayers, Mary Cheney, 
Brecken Chinn, Gia Crecilius, 
Deborah Dixon, Glenn Dooley, 
Dave Frick, Jeff Goldman, 
Jonathan Goldstein, Jennifer 
Haefeli, Kristin Han, Julie Hart, 
Angela Jackson, Mechelle 
Keeton, Son-Hui Kim, Jonathan 
Knight, Lisa Knowles, Chris 
Lepisto, Maria Mangeot, 
Melissa McGall, Kirby 
Mcllyar, David Parsons, Johnine 
Pietroski, Shannon Ponder, Karin 
Reisbeck, Kristie Roser, Averil 
Rothrock, Mike Shaver, Tracy 
Stegall, Anita Stokes, Mary 
Sweatt, Shaharra Usnick, Lee 

The Student Admissions Represententatives were a select group of 
committed students who worked closely with the admissions 
office. They held tours of the campus for perspectives and their 
parents, hosted and escorted perspectives to classes and answered 
questions about the college while relating personal experiences to 
help students feel at home here when they visited. STAR Core was 
often the only exposure and contact perspectives had with the 

The Student/Alumni Association was a dedicated group of people 
who worked to keep student/alumni ties intact over distances after 
graduation. One of the many events S/AA helped sponsor was the 
homecoming activities, especially for the reunion classes. They 
helped with the bonfire rally and the tiger mascot too. 



Perspectives & Alumni 



it. * 




Promoting Spirit 


Sarah Vigil, Jenny Phelps, 
Tiffany Shipp, JJ Breazeale, 
Courtney Starks 

and the CC Cheerleaders 



a* aw? 

SlieRs! '» 


4 JW VblbM 

C / ft 




Back Row: Paul Elia, Bob Wilson, Zach 
Drennen, Rob Hunter, Alex Durst, John 
Stephenson; Front Row: Sunshine 
Lawley, Gus Janeway 

O.R.C. - Outdoor Recreation Committee 

Back row: Julie Green, Laura Phillips, 
Christy Allison, Katie Lawson, Katrina 
Blair, Tamar Ehrlich, Tracy Reed; 
Middle row: Katherine Pease, Sara Joel, 
Christina Mack, Amy Kipfer; Front 
row: Shannon Nienow, Rebecca 
Kaminski, Sarah Selligen, Arden 
Trewartha, Courtney Jackson, Liza Burke 



H.A.G.S. - Hell-raising Angry Guerilla Sisters 
a feminist performing group 


7 hOV 2 • 

« f 



D.A.A.C. - Differently Abled 
Awareness Coalition 

Back row: Susan Moss, Maricka Brown; 
Front Row: Steve Bartos, Judi Abeson, 
Tammy Gravenhorst, Julie Jacobs, Jim 




■ • 

•v /. 

* 4 







Hv ^/il 







1 L V / 1 


















tibial a 

Volunteer Action 





Jason Astle, Rhonda Deen, Sandy 
Gilpin, Windy Haddad, Johnna 
Kietzmann, Orlando Martinez, 
Hans Rikhoff, Courtney Starks, 
Marin Tengler, Rebecca Vargo 

Blue Key 

Back row: Julie Nash, Stacia 
Nagel, Maria Mangeot, Katht 
Farrow, Peter Padilla, Carrie 
Ross, Christina Ganong; Front 
row: Kris Coulter, David 
Martin, Paige Neifert, Weber 
Lin, Katherine White, Karin 





*- >* 



Student Career Advisors 
Back row: Laura Ogden, So Yon 
Bueno, Erin Zimmer, Todd Dye, 
Anita Stokes; Front row: 
Sharyl Peterson, Cindy Funk, 
Ethan Hemming, Lynn Rhodes 

Writing Center 
Back row: David, Beth Pizzio, 
Michael Shea, Martha Ross, 
David Markley, Wende Nocton; 
Middle row: Molly Wingate, 
Mikki Kinsel, Jennifer Yates, 
Jay Marx, Chris Stutz, Thad 
Robey, Amy Hempe; Front 
Row: Nurham Gegcil 



Raising their voices 

Colorado College Chamber Chorus 
Sopranos: Carol Anderson, Margaret 
Fuller, Gina Hupton, Shahira Kamal, 
Susan Kowalski, Karla Markendorf, Keri 
Rusthoi, Jennifer Schreck; Altos: 
Deborah Dixon, Ginger Duerkson, Nicole 
Jobin, Amy Mason, Paige Neifert, Amy 
Palmer, Stephanie Smith, Rachel 
Tallman, Erika Williams; Tenors: Karl 
de Costa, Brian Jim, Weber Lin, Peter 
Padilla; Tenors and Baritones: Rob 
Beauvais, Doug Dawe, Cameron Grant, 
David Hamlow, Richard Hilt; Basses: 
Scott Boyet, Ryan Capp, Jeff Dodge, 
Curtis Gunn, Michael McClure, Rob 




Colorado College Choir 
Sopranos: Megan Bray, April Brody, 
Laura Brownlee, Jessica Crosby, Cindy 
Funk, Nikki Jobin, Susan Kowalski, 
Jennifer Kuehner, Kathy Lantz, Leah 
Mattheis, Danielle McCoy, Paige 
Neifert, Jennifer Noyes, Sheri 
Prud'homme, Marie Rubin, Meg 
Stoltzfus, Tammy Trujillo, Celine 
Ulibarri, Karen Waxer; Altos: Michelle 
Beutz, Joanne Bousek, Kate Cecil, Ellen 
Colvin, Ginger Duerkson, Sarah Hadley, 
Jen Haefeli, Therese Hopkins, Audra 
Kirshbaum, Jenni Levy, Carrie Martin, 
Laurisa Rogers, Kathy Sabec, Frances 
Scott, Rachel Tallman, Melissa Tatsch, 
Vanessa Tatsch, Pam Uihlein, Marcy 
Wainwright, Danielle Walters, Deborah 
Wilson, Kathy White; Tenors: Erwin 
Arndt, Dave Bell, Owen Cramer, Doug 
Dawe, Nathan Garrison, Weber Lin, Ted 
Lindeman, John Morrison, Peter Padilla; 
Basses: Charles Bordner, Ryan Capp, 
David Carlson, Bruce Casson, Doug 
Casson, Wade Chandler, Kent Chaney, 
Dan Devine, Richard Hilt, Curt Layman, 
Warren Morishige, Dalton Ross, Pascal 
Schunk, Dave Smith. 


Greek leadership 

Interfratcrnity and Panhellcnic Councils 
Back Row: Tim Donahue, a Sigma Chi, 
Steve Suslow, a Sigma Chi, Brian 
Ortisman, John White, a Kappa Sigma; 
Middle Row: James Rankin, Meg 
Whitworth, Stephanie Feistncr, Jena 
Graber, Heidi Gimbel, John Carranza, 
Currie Jacobus, Jenny Riggs; Front row: 
Bob Zierman, Peter Fritz, Dan Webster, 
Tim Coury, Peggy Conroy 

Working Together 

Interfratcrnity Council 
Back row: Brian Ortisman, a Kappa 
Sigma, Bob Zierman, Steven Fisher, 
Henry Ansbacher, a Phi Delta Gamma, a 
Kappa Sigma, Terry Drake, John White; 
Front Row: a Sigma Chi, Jamer Rankin, 
Tim Coury, John Carranza, Tim Donahue, 
a Phi Delta Gamma 








Kamisha Begay 
Dana Middents 
Carrie Martin 
Carrie Ross 
Nicole Montoya 
M.T. Antsty 

Back Row: Amy Hempe, Laurel Hanck, Jennifer 
Breazeale, Christina Ganong, Lucy West, 
Jennifer Sigafoos, Kristi Stark, M.T. Antsty, Juli 
Schneider, Carrie Martin, Carrie Ross; 2nd Row: 
Nicole Montoya, Elizabeth Ortiz, Karyn 
Anderson, Jennifer Berg, Keri Rusthoi, Belinda 
Burns, Molly Taylor, Heather Davis, Emily 
Schaneman, Kim Rubins; 3rd Row: Margaret 
Fuller, Laurel Schierholz, Bethany Brockman, 
Karen Badonie, Kamisha Begay, Roxanna Goin, 
Sonlatsa Jim-James, Amber Gillberg, Robin 
Bernat, Amy Chadwick; Front Row: Dana 
Middents, Jennifer Burns 






This year's Greek system bonded together and performed 
well. As a result of the all-college priorities report of the 
previous year, the whole greek system was under review, 
and under the threat of being banned from the campus. They 
were visible and in extra-curricular activities, community 
service projects and cooperated with Volunteer Action. There 
was much less separatism between groups. There was much 
participation and support for All Greek Week, from greeks 
and non-greeks alike. This year also saw the return of a Phi 
Delta Gamma House. 

One senior said, "In the four years that I've been here, I've 
never seen the greeks cooperate as well as they did this year. 
It was impressive and it shows why I went greek." 






Back Row: Kate Edwards, Karen Waxcr, Christie 
Valpey, Kristcn Poulscn, Bridgid Rawley, Jennifer 
McGinn, Sarah Kimmctt, Cyndie Hoffman, Sandy Buffet, 
Suzanne Weinncr; 2nd Row: Tammy Higa, Sarah 
Odcrman, Leanna Mancini, Maria Moore, Shawn Butler, 
Sarah, Kathcrine Leadbetter, Karin Boes, Aubrey Hord, 
Lynnettc Gudicello, Paris Halbert, Gina Pleimer; 3rd 
Row: Erin, Leigh Caspcrson, Amy Peck, Kate, Carey 
Wall, Beena Patcl, Jessica Jackson, Sarah Murphy, 
Kathryn Davis, Cindy Cook, Patty Lindley; 5th Row: 
Janet O'Brien, Lisa Knowles, Susan DcCou, Genevieve 
Greer, Mclinda Sharkey, Trisha Holwcll, Jennifer 
Pollcti, Shelley Wiseman, Kalhy Weaver, Kristie Roser, 
Mariya Pcrkins-Seacrcst, Paige Neifert, Tammy Voight; 
6th Row: Marie McDcrmit, Melissa, Lcxi Faison, 
Courtney Klopp, Stephanie Smith, Amy Tucker, Maren 
Tenglcr, Karen Zeder, Jennifer Riggs, Amy Bilsing, 
Averil Rothrock, Elizabeth Keen, Chris Morrison, Maile 
Shimabukuro, Meg Stiff; 5th Row: Tama, Jean Ulmer, 
Rachel Klein, Alissa Linder, Johnna Keitzman, Ann 
Dorman, Gretchen Greer, Meghan Mullan, Allana Brown, 
Jennifer Crute; Front Row: Sarah Gauger, Jane Jagclman. 



- V 




Fa ™ 


Cutler Board 
Back Row: Peter 
Padilla, Jennifer 
Webster, Michele 
Santos, Stephanie Ching 
Front Row: Ingrid 
Emerick, John Simons, 
Erika Williams 

Disparaging Eye - Spring semester staff 
Not Pictured: Raymond Bartlett, Bridget Benton, 
Sung-Chun Chang, Michele Chan Santos, Michael 
Drennan, Neil Nickles, Jeffrey Rydberg 


Not Pictured: Caren Benjamin, Ingrid Emerick, 

Mark Nevin 



The Catalyst - Spring semester staff 
Back Row: Cheri Ghette; Middle Row: Jennifer 
Webster, Mariya Perkins-Seacrest; Front: Orion 
Poplawski, Rob Necr 

The Catalyst - Fall semester staff 
Back row: Mariya Perkins-Seacrest, Santiago 
Foster, Al Decker, Shane Lief; Middle: Than 
Fcis; Front row: Matt Gregory, Courtney Starks, 
Rob Neer 

£?! CS 




New class created at CC 

Signers find each other; work together 

A new class was created 
this year. What kind of a 
class, you ask? It is a (silent 
pause) class. Didn't you 
hear me? I said it was a 
(another long silent pause) 
class. Oh, you haven't been 
yet. Well, this is the sign for 
sign language class (hands 
form L's, circle each other 
and then spread apart.) 

The sign language class 
started out as just a club. 
Jim Capp, a worker at 
Rastall, taught it, and it was 
organized by students, Todd 
Burke and Sherri 
Prud'homme. There was so 
much interest and dedication 
that it was established as an 
adjucnt course that students 
could get credit for. 

Most people see Jim at 
work, and he is very 
personable. What began as 
just a few people trying to 
get to know him better turned 
into a fun and exciting group 
learning and sharing 
experience. Now more 
people can communicate and 
understand the hearing 
impared better. 

Self defense program continues 

students empower themselves 

Matt Bailey, a Colorado 
Springs local resident, taught 
a self-defense class twice a 
week. Participants varied 
from 3 to 25 people from 
class to class, but the core 
group was three. 

These three students, who 
called themselves musketeers 
and ninjas, met one 
additional time by themselves 
during the week, to practice 
on their own. 

At the end of the year, they 

were tested for the green 
belt, and all three passed. 
They were certified, and they 
all have a basic working 
knowledge of first level hand 
to hand combat. 

Bailey has been here for 
the last six years, and often 
gives the self-defense talk at 
the beginning of the year for 
incoming freshpeople during 
new student orientation 
week. He also does 
workshops and lectures as 

part of residential life hall 

He has a non-traditional, 
"progressive" style of 
teaching. His system is his 
own, "maverick," as he 
incorporates more than one 
system. He relates it more to 
normal every day life and it 

Bailey will continue this 
class next year, and both 
beginning and experienced 
people are welcome. 

College improvements are 
useful and fun 

Students develop necessary skills on new ropes course 

There is a new addition to 
the Colorado College cabin 
facilities. A ropes course has 
been added to the mountain 
lodging that the college owns 
about twenty miles from the 

The cabin is used by many 
groups, from classes to 
organizations, to wings and 
just plain individual groups 
of friends. It is a popular 
place to go for a change of 
pace, whether to be inspired 
or just unwind. 

The past couple of years, 
the cabin has also been the 
site of leadership retreats. 
The new ropes course, 
makes this choice of 
locations even more 

Students learn to work 
together, from each other, 
leading and developing new 
ideas in a physically, as well 
as intellectually and 
emotionally stimulationg 

Some popular movies 

Pretty Woman 


Home Alone 

Dances with Wolves 

Silence of the Lambs 

Kindergarten Cop 

Most Popular 
New Television Show 

The Simpsons 

Signs of the Times 

Xerox copy 
First Class Stamp 



Greeting Card 








$ 12 

Gallon of Gasoline (during the war) 
Gallon of Gasoline (after the war) 




Some popular books 

Fads & Fashion 

The Satanic Verses 

The Plains of Passage 

Talking God 

Foucault's Pendulum 
Financial Self-Defense 


Men piercing their ears 



Synthesized Music 

Volunteering Trend 

Students find that in giving they receive 

More and more students 
are spending their spare time, 
what little they have of it 
anyway, volunteering of 
themselves in the 
community. They have 
found the unparalleled value 
of sharing their time and 
talents. Colorado College has 
improved its image and 
standing within the 
community and is not as 
isolated as it was before. 

Students are finding 
oppurtunities to help with 
children, older people, 
differently abled persons, 
and the homeless, to name a 

few. Many new 
organizations are springing 
up to deal with concerns or 
needs. There is something 
for everyone. And a person 
can always work with a local 
church on their own, or start 
a group on campus with a bit 
of initiative. 

This was the second year 
that the Center for 
Community Service found it 
necessary to give out 
Community Service Awards, 
and already there were many 
deserving people who had to 
go officially unrecognized. 



Tiger Football 



Men's Soccer 




Women's Soccer 






Men's Cross-Country 

Nationals or Bust 

For the greater part of recent history, the C.C. Men's Cross Country Team has 
been plagued with ill-fated National qualifying attempts; perennially poised, yet never 
quite there. Despite the team's faithful allegiance to tradition, this year proved different. 
With an uncanny sense of determination and pride, seasoned veterans Hehn, Judge, 
Macken, Pena, Schroeder, and Trachtenberg initiated promising pups Brian, Chris, 
James, Jerry, Mark, Nick, Pascal, and Sean to form the foundations of the most powerful 
running team ever assembled at this institution. 

With the surprising early season additions of Matt Anderson, Tony Lees, and their 
special recruit, "Awesome" Dawson Fair, the 1990 team realized its full stature. Torre 
"Pogue" Pena set the tone for the year by winning the coveted Lakewood Basin. After 
surviving the brutal conditions of the Pueblan expanse, the team once again faced their 
cross-town rival, Division I Air Force, and boldly lost. Nevertheless, the claimed a 
respectable sixth place finish amidst a quality field of Division I athletes in an 
"oxygenless" battleground. 

Despite nine personal records, the C.C. team missed winning their home 
invitational by only three points to rival U.S.C. Incited by this disappointmetn, Jim 
Macken led the charge to a third poace finish, both for himself and for the team at the 
Hastings Invitational in NE, which was followed by an even stronger showing at the 
prestigious Fort Hays Invitational (Kansas). 

The next week, C.C. took an impressive second place at the Pre-Regional 
Wartburg Invitational meet (Waverly, Iowa). The Central Region NCAA Division III 
meet (Waverly) lay ahead as the final and ultimate challenge. Gleaning inspiration from 
wily alumni Paul Koch, the team commanded an all-out effort with each of the seven 
runner's posting season's best times - six of them, personal bests. The next week, the 
team placed fifteenth in the National meet, held in Grinnell, Iowa. 

Coach Ted Casteneda said that this will be the season that the boys will remember. 
"Other teams will make it to the nationals, but this is the only team that will be able to say 
that they did it first." It was a highlight in his career. 

With the return of six varsity runners, several strong varsity contenders, and the 
"Baron" Van Stone, the 1991 season promises further accomplishments, among them a 
possible Top-ten National ranking. The 1990 season produced thirteen lettermen, with 
special recognition awarded to Brian Kates (Most Improved Award), Dawson Fair 
(Rookie Award), Patrick Judge (Most Valuable Runner), and finally, Joel Trachtenberg 
(LVSITf Award). Coach Casteneda and the members of the 1990 team also honor and 
thank graduation seniors Dawson Fair, Tony Lees, and co-captain Erik Schroeder, as well 
as John "Feel Good" Merkel, an alumnus serviceman participating in Operation Desert 
Storm as of this writing. 

by Francis Lloyd Egrill III 





1 * %* wj*Jm I 
O^HBSf V J 16 j 

1 ■ l 



Women's Cross Country 
& Field Hockey 



CC Cycling 







it - ^ 










Men's Basketball 











Women's Swimming 



& Diving 



Men's Swimming 





" * 








Men's Tennis 



* 4 


4. 4 . S+fflb "fa 

yw' ■■*■'■ ** -«*#MJMM 


X >fl 



: * • 










ABEITA, Monica Ann 1 
ABELL, Matthew Damian 1 
ABEL, Justine Megan Cecily 1 
ABERNATHY, Elana Jane 1 
ABESON, Judith Andrea 4 
ABEYTA, Wendy Allyn 1 
ABROMSON, Daniel Robert 1 
ACCARDY, Kimberly Dawn 1 
ACUFF, Nathaniel James 3 
ADAMS, DavidS. s 
ADAMS, Margo Elaine s 
ADAMS, Marie Nicole 1 
ADAMS, Vastie s 
ADKISSON, William Robert 3 
AGA, Brian K. 4 
AGEE, Richard J. f 
AGUAYO, Lucia 4 
AGUILERA, Manuel s 
AHERN, Jon Steven 3 
AHMAD, Sameer 2 
AKERS, Carolyn A. s 
ALANIVA, William A. s 
ALBERTS, Eli Noah 4 
ALDRICH, Shannon Marie 4 
ALEXANDER, Deborah Desiree 1 
ALLEGRUCCI, Scott David 3 
ALLEN, Abby June 1 
ALLEN, Amy 3 
ALLEN, Lesley Lynette 2 
ALLEN, Lori Dawn 3 
ALLISON, Christine Jean 4 
ALLISON, Sarah Lynn 4 
ALTER, Kelly Michelle 2 
ALVAREZ, Guillermo Enrique 4 
AMDUR, Miriam Louisa 2 
AMES, Gypsy R. f 
AMES, Jonathan deNeui 3 
AMISCARAY, Randolph Dasco 2 
AMMONS, Henry Teller 2 
ANDERSEN, Matthew Alan 4 
ANDERSEN, Timothy Shea 1 
ANDERSON, Angela Kay 1 
ANDERSON, Brittany Ann 1 
ANDERSON, Carol Rose 4 
ANDERSON, Diana K. f 
ANDERSON, Eric Jon 2 
ANDERSON, Jennifer West 1 
ANDERSON, Karyn Lynn 3 
ANDERSON, Katherine Marie 2 
ANDERSON, Kathryn Frances 1 
ANDERSON, Krista Lynn 4 
ANDERSON, Kristen A. 1 
ANDERSON, Kurt Allen 2 
ANDERSON, Marlow Edward f 
ANDERSON, Matthew Daniel 4 
ANDERSON, Stacy Lynne 3 



ANDERSON, Susan Elizabeth 3 
ANDERSON, Wendy Rene 2 
ANDREWS, Kenneth J. f 
ANDREWS, Mary E. f 
ANDREWS, Todd Matthew 2 
ANSBACHER, Henry L. 3 
ANSELMI, Jeanne 4 
ANSTEY, Mary Therese 4 
ANTONUCCIO, Catherine M. s 
ANZELC, Meredith Louise 4 
AN, Eun-Hui Julie 2 
APODACA, Caryn Delphine 3 
APODACA, Phillip C. a 
APPLEBY, Mark D. 1 
AQUA VIA, Katherine Ann 4 
A RATA, Corinne Lynn 1 
ARBOGAST, Jessica Lynne 2 
AREND, Christopher Austin 4 
ARGUTO, Pamely J. s 
ARMBRUST, Louisa Bleignier 1 
ARMIJO, Michael 1 
ARMSTRONG, Anne Aileen 2 
ARMSTRONG, David Robert a 
ARMSTRONG, Lindsay Patterson 4 
ARMSTRONG, Marni G. a 
ARNINK, Donna J. f 
ARNOLD, Brian Charles 2 
ARNOLD, Elizabeth Cheri 4 
ARNOLD, Hillary 2 
ARVISO, Elisa Renee 1 
ASAI, Susan M. f 
ASBURY, Stephanie Anne 1 
ASHBAUGH, Judith Lorraine 2 
ASHLEY, Christine Hisako 2 
ASHLEY, Ellen Elizabeth 3 
ASHLEY, Susan A. f 
ASTEINZA, Patricia Elaena 3 
ASTLE, Jason Clayborn 1 
ATKINS, Happy Hornby 3 
ATKIN, Jennifer Lee 3 
ATKINSON, D. Jeff s 
AUGEROT, Arrow 1 
AUSTIN, Caroline Graham 1 
AUTEN, Eric Anthony 2 
AXTELL, Susan Maria 2 
AXTMAN, Kristin Marie 1 
AYERS, Kara Joan 2 
A YERS, William Craig 3 
AYMOND, Colin Conroy 3 
AYOTTE, Donald J. s 

BACHELIER, Christine A. s 
BACON, Elizabeth Ann 1 
BACON, Seth Thomas 2 
BADALICH, Paul Joseph 2 
BADIAL, Brenda L. s 
BADONIE, Karen S. 1 
BAETZ, Jonathan Robert 4 
BAILEY, Ann Marie 4 
BAILEY, Michelle L. 3 
BAILEY, Nikolai 2 
BAILEY, Stephanie Ann 3 
BAILEY, William Ripley 2 

BAKER, Carol Jean s 
BAKER, Christy Hansford 4 
BAKER, Emily Suzanne 1 
BAKER, Kristin Leigh 6 
BAKKEN, Duane M. s 
BALDRICA, William C. s 
BALLARD, Thomas Arthur s 
BALLING, David Troy 3 
BALLOU, Jessie C. s 
BALLWEBER, John Charles 2 
BALL, Jennifer L. 4 
BANMALLY, Omar Raj 1 
BARBER, Brad Oakley 3 
BARBER, Joseph K. s 
BARBER, Rebecca J. 8 
BARHORST, Ramona Kristina 1 
BARKER, Everett s 
BARKER, Janet Butler s 
BARNES, Dorothy Patricia 3 
BARNES, Julie Anne 3 
BARSCH, Suzanne Marie 3 
BARTLETT, Raymond Avery 3 
BARTON, Elliott Marshall 2 
BARTON, Ruth f 
BARTON, Tom K. f 
BARTON, William E. f 
BARTOS, Stephen Paul 3 
BARVOETS, Thelma G. s 
BASTRESS, Matthew Lloyd 2 
BATEN, Blythe Diana 4 
BAUER, Kimberly Anne 1 
BAUSMAN, Jane Christina 4 
BAXTER, Talley Katherine 3 
BAYLES, Ezra Spencer 2 
BEALL, BradC. 2 
BEARDSLEY, Paul Michael 2 
BEAUREGARD, Eileen B. s 
BEAUVAIS, Gary P. p 
BEAUVAIS, Robert Michael 3 
BEAVER, Rochelle Denise 3 
BECKER, Karl Edmund; in 1 
BECKER, William S. f 
BEGAY, Kamisha 4 
BEHANNA, Jennifer Annette 1 
BEHRENS, Alice C'Mell 3 
BEIDLEMAN, Richard f 
BELAND, Peter Eric 4 
BELLAMY, Rachel Ann 4 
BELL, David Edward 1 
BELOTE, Karen Kay 1 
BENJAMIN, Caren 4 


1 - first year student 

2 - sophomore 

3 - junior 

4 - senior 

6 - 5th year senior 
8 - other student 
a - administration 
f - faculty 

p - paraprofessional 
s - staff 

BENNETT, David White 3 
BENNETT, Elizabeth Ann 1 
BENNETT, Linda Jane 1 
BENNETT, Sara Anne 2 
BENTON, Bridget Eileen 3 
BENTZ, Jesse Brown 1 
BENZEL, Randall Scott 3 
BERBERET, Heather Marie 4 
BERG, Margaret Grace f 
BERGLAND, Julia Dillon 2 
BERGQUIST, Cynthia Arline 1 
BERG, Jennifer Lynn 1 
BERG, Patricia Marie 2 
BERNARD, Randolph Conan 4 
BERNAT, Robin A. Livingston 3 
BERRIDGE, Marcus R. 3 
BERRY, Gregory R. 2 
BERRY, Michelle Kathleen 1 
BERWIN, Melanie Marie 1 
BETHARD, Brian Zane 2 
BEUTZ, Michelle Anne 1 
BEVAN, Albert W.; Ill 4 
BEVILLE, Stephen S. s 
BEYER, John Henry; Jr. 4 
BIERI, Jeffrey J. s 
BIGWOOD, Noah Lee 4 
BILLINGSLEY, Michael Scott 3 
BTLSING, Amy Renee 4 
BINKERD, Arvonne Joyce s 
BIRD, Michael C. f 
BIRDSELL, Brian Jon 1 
BIRKELAND, John Oleson 4 
BISCAMP, Lewis Warren 2 
BISHOP, Amy Lynn 2 
BISHOP, Kevin Warren 3 
BISHOP, Lara Minh 3 
BISHOP, Laura L. a 
BITSOI, Chalmer T. 1 
BIWER, Willow J. 1 
BIZZARRO, Kathleen A. s 
BIZZARRO, Salvatore f 
BLACK, Stacy Renee 2 
BLAIR, Helen Bowen 1 
BLAIR, Katrina Lee 4 
BLAKE, Adriana Rhoda 2 
BLASCHKE, John Martin 1 
BLEXRUD, Sarah Louise 4 
BLISS, Conan Tundar 3 
BLOCK, Grant Chris 3 
BLOMQUIST, Alan Patrick 2 
BLOOME, Cory Mark 1 
BLUM, Justin Aaron 1 
BOARDMAN, Robert Bradford 4 
BOAST, Amber Lynn 1 
BOATWRIGHT, Anne Brooks 1 
BODERMAN, Alvin Eli f 
BOECKL, Christine M. f 
BOELTER, Aaron Keith 4 
BOERSMA, Ian William 3 
BOES, Karin Marta 4 
BOG ARDUS, Jason Paul 1 

BOGGESS, Albert f 
BOIES, Gwen Marie 3 
BOLGER, Cassidy John 1 
BOND, Benton Randall 4 
BOND, Franklin Huffman 2 
BOND, Johanna Erin 4 
BONEBRAKE, Stephanie Anne 4 
BOOTH, Martha H. f 
BORDES, Christina Alison 4 
BORNEMEIER, Holly Fisk 1 
BORDNER, Charles A. Jr. f 
BOREL, Claire S. s 
BOVINGTON, Peter Geil 4 
BOWEN, Cara Lynne 1 
BOWER, Nathan W. f 
BOWERS, Jason DuBose 1 
BOWMAN, William Baillie 4 
BOWSEK, Joanne E. 1 
BOYCE, Wallae C. f 
BOYD, Kathleen Jo 2 
BOYD, Sara Hadley 4 
BOYETT, Scott Ashby 2 
BOYLE, Christopher, Matthew 2 
BRADBURN, Laura Humphreys 4 
BRADBURY, James Arthur 1 
BRADBURY, William F., Jr. s 
BRADFORD, Andrew Wardner 1 
BRADLEY, Carol Marie 1 
BRADLEY, Richard C. f 
BRADNER, Joni G. s 
BRADY, Marianne Merril 1 
BRADY, Peter James 3 
BRAMWELL, Scott Thomas 2 
BRANDT, Penny Sue 2 
BRASCHE, Sheri Lee 2 
BRAY, Megan Shana 1 
BREAKER, Jason Leander 2 
BREAZEALE, Jennifer Jill 1 
BREHE, Todd Alan 4 
BREINER, Michael Lee 1 
BRESE, Nancy Kay 1 
BREWSTER, Laura Frances 1 
BREZINE, Adam Paul 1 
BRIAN, Amber Elise 3 
BRICKER, Amy Lee 1 
BRIDGES, John L. 4 
BRINK, Daniel Stephen f 
BRIODY, Eileen Dawn 3 
BRITTON, Larry Lee; II 1 
BROCE, Justin Ralph 4 
BROCKMAN, Bethany Bemis 2 
BRODY, April 1 
BROH, Michael s 
BROOKS, Anne Louise 3 
BROOKS, Glenn E. f 
BROOK, Braden Paul 
BROSSMAN, Walter R. a 
BROWDER, Tamara Alisa 1 
BROWDE, Andrea Jennifer 3 
BROWN, Alanna Rose 3 
BROWN, Andrew Steven 1 
BROWN, Cecil W. s 

BROWN, Gregory Stone 2 
BROWN, Jessie E. s 
BROWN, Julie Lin 2 
BROWN, Kevin Hawea 3 
BROWN, Lauren Elaine 4 
BROWN, Leila Storm 3 
BROWN, Marieka Lyn 2 
BROWN, Perry Neil 2 
BROWN, Philip Herrick 2 
BROWN, Robin R. 3 
BROWN, Tracy D. s 
BROWN LEE, Laura Michelle 1 
BROWNLEE, Peter Vance 1 
BRUININKS, Brian Andrew 3 
BRUNNER, Leslie Karynna 2 
BRUNS, Becky L. s 
BRUSH, Edwin Franklyn; III 3 
BRUSH, Katharine Stewart 4 
BRYAN, Christopher David 1 
BRYAN, Nathaniel Anthony 8 
BUCHER, Jane Katerine 4 
BUCKINGHAM, Laura Kelsey 1 
BUCKLEY, Judith Lauren 4 
BUCKLEY, Linda Lee 1 
BUCKNER, Brian Andrew 4 
BUCK, Susan Jean 4 
BUCY, Elisabeth 4 
BUENO, Mary Elaine 4 
BUENO, So Yon 4 
BUETOW, Bradley J. s 
BUFFETT, Sandra Alison 4 
BUFFO, Theresa Lou 4 
BUICK, Pamela B. s 
BURCH, Marlyn Dyer s 
BURGNER. Diane M. Brodersen s 
BURICH, Todd A. 2 
BURKETT, Erin Elise 2 
BURKE, Brian Charles 4 
BURKE, Italia M. s 
BURKE, Liza Beth 4 
BURKE, Matthew J. 3 
BURKE, Robert Joseph; Jr. 3 
BURKE, Todd Allan 4 
BURKLEY, Matthew Prat 2 
BURKS, Justin Crawford 1 
BURK, Kassandra Gayle 1 
BURNAP, Christiane 1 
BURNS, Belinda E. 1 
BURNS, Jennifer Lynne 3 
BURNS, Jonathan Ross 3 
BURROUGHS, Whitney Dow 1 
BURT, Christopher Beeman 2 
BURT, Steve E. s 
BURTON, Kenneth W. F. f 
BUSH, Jennifer Lee 1 
BUTLER, Rosemary Gai 1 



BUTLER, Shawn Elizabeth 2 
BUTLER, Thomas Murray 3 
BUTTE, Goeorge f 
BUTTENWEISER, Janet Adele 2 
BUTTERFffiLD, Cynthia Marie 2 
BUTT, W.Karl 4 
BUTZER, Joan Karen 4 
BYERS, Mark Andrew 4 

CABLE, Melanie Denise 1 
CABOT, Perry Gibbs 2 
CADMUS-LUJAN, Anna Maria 6 
CAHILL, Mary E. s 
CALDERON, Karen 2 
CALDWELL, Tonya Elaine 2 
CALHOON, John Albert 2 
CALKINS, Samantha Eleanor 2 

MacRae 4 
CAMPBELL, Alan K. s 
CAMPBELL, Scott Alan 4 
CAPP, Ryan Christopher 4 
CARCHMAN, Jennifer Eve 2 . 
CARD, Robert Glenn; m 1 
CAREY, Andrea Lynn 2 
CAREY, David R. 3 
CARLSON, David Matthew 1 
CARLSON, Julie Ann 2 
CARLSON, Mary K. a 
CARPENTER, Claire Michelle 1 
CARPENTER, Elizabeth Ann 3 
CARPENTER, Glenn Addison 3 
CARPENTER, Michaela Katerine 2 
CARRANZA, John Martin 3 
CARRILLO, Natalie Nicole 2 
CARRILLO, Perry Manuel 1 
CARTEEN, Tami Jane 3 
CARTER, Asheton Mills 1 
CARTER, Gabriel Dominic 4 
CARTER, Jack L. f 
CASEY, Denis James 1 
CASE, Christopher Dewer 1 
CASE- WOLF, Matthew Benjamin 4 
CASHELL, Thomas J. s 
CASINELLI, Elizabeth Ann 1 
CASPERSON, Lea Gwyn 2 
CASSON, Bruce Mackey 4 
CAS SON, Douglas John 1 
CASTENEDA, Theodore S. a 
CASTIGLIA, Christopher Dean f 
CAUFMAN, Krista DeeAnn 4 
CAUVEL, Martha Jane f 
CAVANAUGH, Sean Michael 1 
CAYTON, Sean David 1 
CAZZOLA, Laura Lynn 4 



CECIL, Kathryn Marie 1 
CECIL, Michael H. s 
CEGIELSKI, Camille 1 
CHADDICK, Sherry Lee 3 
CHAD WICK, Amy Caterine 2 
CHAFFEE, Rene M. s 
CHALK, Dylan 1 
CHAMBERLAIN, Richard D. a 
CHAMPION, Erich W. p 
CHAMPION, William C. f 
CHANDLER, Seana Emiko 2 
CHANEY, Kenneth Edward 2 
CHANG, Sung Chun 2 
CHAPPELL, Cacilie P. s 
CHASTAIN, Lynne Marie 2 
CHAVEZ, Cynthia Lynn 3 
CHAVEZ, Gloria s 
CHAVEZ, Manuel A. s 
CHEDID, Sameeh Mousa 3 
CHEEK, Timothy C. f 
CHENEY, Mary Claire 4 
CHESEBRO, Eric Bruce 2 
CHESHIRE, Camilla Jeans 4 
CHESLOCK, Lorene B. s 
CHING, Stephanie Michelle 4 
CHINN, Brecken Lorraine 4 
CHINO, Joachim David 1 
CHOO, Jason Choon Wai 1 
CHOU, Dao-yuan 1 
CHRISTENSEN, Andrea Jean 1 
CHRISTENSEN, Joshua Warden 1 
CHRISTENSEN, Marcia Lyn s 
CHRISTIAN, Judith Ann s 
CHUNG, Julia Oi- Yin 6 
CLAPSADDLE, Casey Dean 4 
CLARKESON, James Dorr 1 
CLARK, Ellen Weston 2 
CLARK, Gale S. s 
CLARK, Janet W. s 
CLARK, Jennie May 3 
CLARK, John Alan 4 
CLARK, Kendra Elaine 3 
CLARK, Rae Eddrie s 
CLARK, Sally Lynn 4 
CLARK, Sophie Elizabeth 2 
CLARKSON, Christine Lynn 4 
CLAUSE, Lynda Faye 2 
CLEMANTS, Robert Earl 2 
CLEMENS, Laura f 
COCHENER, Richard Ray 1 
COHEN, Roenna R. f 
COHEN, Seth Benjamin 2 
COHN, Josh Brian 1 
COLBIN, Shana R. 3 
COLBY, Treena Ellen 1 
COLE, Allison Christine 3 
COLE, Charles Donald; Jr. 4 
COLE, Christopher David 2 
COLEMAN, Michelle Kathleen 3 

COLKET, Carolyn Mueller 4 
COLL, Maureen Patricia 6 
COLLANDER, Patricia A. s 
COLVIG, Clay Aaron 4 
COLVIN, Ellen Elizabeth 4 
CONDIT, Nicole Lynn 4 
CONIFF, John Joseph; Jr. 4 
CONNELLY, Luke Andrew 4 
CONNORS, Kevin Scott 1 
CONNOR, Michelle Cathleen 1 
CONTRERAS, Jesse James 3 
CONROY, Margaret Mary a 
CONWAY, Miles Dylan 1 
COOK, Curtis f 
COOK, Cynthia Ellen 3 
COOK, Kylee Rowene 2 
COOLEY, Robert Graham 1 
COOL, Raymond F. 4 
COOPER, Cassandra Heather 4 
COOPER, Joan S. s 
COOPER, Matthew Todd 2 
COOPER, Peter S. s 
COOPER, Polly Suzanne 1 
CORBIN, Gretchen Stockton 2 
CORDOVA, Rosemary s 
CORIELL, Bruce R. a 
CORMIER, Roger Romeo s 
CORNELIUS, Katharine T. s 
CORNELL, Elanore Crystal 2 
CORUM, William Luther 1 
COSTELLO, Catherine Alison 4 
COTTEN, Deborah L. p 
COTTON, Karleen J. s 
COUGHLIN, Tracy Irene 3 
COULTER, Craig Christopher 4 
COULTER, Kristen Lynn 3 
COUNTS, Bryan Holder 2 
COURTNAGE, Matthew Creegan 
COURY, Timothy Arthur 3 
COX, Richard L. s 
COWAN, Heather Anne 4 
COX, Gwendolyn Monique 3 
COX, Stephanie Leigh 1 
COYNE, Julia Harrington 8 
CRABTREE, Melissa Manley 3 
CRAIG, Julianne Marie 4 
CRAMER, Josh Matthew 4 
CRAMER, Owen f 
CRANE, Susan Dana 1 
CRECELIUS, Gia Maria 4 
CRESS, Kelly Chalmers 4 
CREWS, Karen Kay s 
CROCHET, Joseph Don s 
CROCHET, Mildred Earline s 
CROKE, Patricia f 
CRONIN, Tania f 
CRONIN, Thomas E. f 
CROSBY, Jessica Joan 4 
CROSS, Jerome Ryland; III 
CROSSEY, James L. a 
CROWLEY, Justine Marion 
CROW, Robert Loyd 4 
CRUMBAUGH, Andrew Monroe 1 



CRUM, Thomas Rader 4 
CRUTE, Jennifer Lee 1 

CRUZ, Stella Marie 1 
CUBIN, Andrea Michelle 4 
CULLEY, Courtney Little 1 
CULLUM, Robert Daniel 2 
CUNNINGHAM, Sean Robert 1 
CURRIE, Colleen Elizabeth 3 
CURRY, Jeffrey M. 2 
CURTIS, Alyson Tara 1 
CUSTER, Giles Scott 2 
CYGAN, James Michael 3 
CZECH, Randall Lee 1 

DAFFRON, Cynthia Miles 2 
DAHLIE, Michael Stuart 3 
DALE, Jeffrey William 1 
DALSEMER, Leonard Ian 3 
DANENHOWER, Christopher Clay 1 
DANIELS, Marie Cort f 
DARGER, Stephen Paul 1 
DARLING, Karen J. s 
DAUGHTON, Sharon T. a 
DAVENPORT, Lisa Clare p 
DAVID, Julietta M. s 
DAVIDSON, Sarah Diane 1 
DAVES, David Robert Stratton 1 
DA VIES, Mary Elizabeth 4 
DAVIS, Heather Caroline 2 
DAVIS, Jennifer Lynn 2 
DAVIS, Kathryn Marie 4 
DAVIS, Malia Francoise 3 
DAVIS, Mary Ellen s 
DAWE, Douglas Arthur 2 
DAWSON, Catherine Lynne 2 
DAY, Linda K. s 
DAY, Megan Heather 1 
DA, Amber Christine 1 
DE COSTA, Karl Jason 2 
DE LA GARZA, Theresa Ann 2 
DE LA HUNT, John Spencer s 
DE SILVA, Angelique 3 

DEAN, Anne Barton 2 
DECKER, Alfred Day 2 
DECKER, Cynthia Jayne 2 
DECOU, Kia Lynn 3 
DECOU, Susan 2 
DEEN, Rhonda 2 
DEL BALSO, Eric Boyd 1 
DELOHERY, James M. s 
DEMKIN, Andrew Scott 3 
DENISCO, Brooke Lorraine 1 
DENNIS, Brian Edward 2 
DERDEN, Katherine Nicole 1 
DEREGOWSKI, John Michael 2 
DESCHAINES, Timothy O'Neil 1 
DEUTSCH, Brian Jeffry 1 
DEVINE, Daniel Ames 1 
DEVLIN, Tara Ann 4 
DEWARS, Todd Allen 3 

DEWITT, Raymond f 
DI CENSO, Rose Marie 6 
DIAZ, Angelic Marie 3 
DICOLA, Katherine Dorothy 1 
DIEHL, L. Addison 4 
DILLINGHAM, Allen Edwards 3 
DILLON, Suzanne Renee 1 
DIMOND, Jennifer 1 
DIMON, Katherine Elizabeth 4 
DISTEFANO, Diana Lynn 2 
DIXON, Deborah Jean 3 
DIXON, Tanzaniz Enrika 1 
DOAN, Pamela Ann 2 
DOBSON, Marcia D-S. f 
DODGE, Jefferson Barker 2 
DOGGETT, Christopher B. 3 
DOGGETT, Thomas Bicknell 1 
DOHERTY, Mark Thomas 4 
DOLAN, Leslie Caroline 3 
DOLOTTA, Michael J. 4 
DONALDSON, Elizabeth Anne 2 
DONOHUE, Timothy David Arthur 4 
DOOLEY, Glenn Scott 4 
DORAN, Carolee 4 
DORAN, Roberta s 
DORMAN, Anne Marie 1 
DOUGHERTY, Andrew Wheeler 1 
DOUGHERTY, Geoffrey Breed 2 
DOUGLAS, Barbara M. s 
DOUGLAS, Christy L. s 
DOVE, William s 
DOYON,Lyn s 
DRAGONAS, Peter Henri; III 4 
DRAKE, Brookes Frederick 1 
DRECHER, Kevin Bernard 4 
DRENNAN, Michael Friddle 2 
DRENNAN, Zachary Polk 2 
DRESDEN, Jacon Adriaan; Jr. 1 
DROBNACK, Nina Elizabeth 4 
DRUM, Michael John 1 
DUCKSTAD, Julie McCrory 2 
DUCKWORTH, Robert Reid 4 
DUERKSEN, Virginia Katherine 3 
DUGGINS, Amy Elizabeth 1 
DUNCAN, John Foster; III 4 
DUNCAN, Mary N. s 
DUNCAN, Susan Nesbitt 2 
DUNCOMBE, Margaret L. f 
DUNHAM, Andrew B. f 
DUNLAP, Alison Kerry 4 
DUNNE, Elizabeth Allen 1 
DUNN, Lara Kristin 2 
DUNN, Michael William s 
DUNN, Thomas A. s 
DUNNE, Robert J. f 
DUNSTON, Marilyn S. s 
DURAN, Eric James 4 
DURFEE, Michael Joshua 3 
DURLAND, Daniel Mills 3 
DURST, Alexander Daniel 2 
DUR YEA, Rik Willis 3 


DUVALL, Mathieu Lake 4 
DWYER, Christopher Claude 4 
DYE, Elsie Elizabeth 1 
DYE, Todd Aaron 4 
DZIEDZIC, Kristina Marie 2 
D'SOUZA, Shirley Valencia 1 

EASTLACK, Leon C. f 
EASTMAN, Katherine Corry 2 
EASTMAN, Michael Edward 1 
EATON, Mitchell Joseph 1 
EATON, Nikeisha Nolarie 1 
EBERSOLE, James J. f 
ECKHARDT, George A. a 
EDDY, Thomas Cook 1 
EDELMAN, Max Abraham 2 
EDELSTEIN, Ian Samuel 1 
EDWARDSON, Amy Elizabeth 1 
EDWARDS, Amy de Forest 2 
EDWARDS, Derek Meffert 1 
EDWARDS, Katherine Anne 4 
EDWARDS, Kevin Scott 4 
EDWARDS, Stephen Warren 4 
EHRLICH, Tamar Danielle 4 
EIESLAND, Scott David 3 
EISEMAN, Michael Travis 1 
EKBERG, Nancy s 
ELDRIDGE, Jennifer Allyn 2 
ELEY,DeAnnJo 2 
ELLA, Paul 1 

ELLBOGEN, Theresa Anne s 
ELLIOTT, Clyde A. s 
ELLIOTT, Richard Ross 4 
ELLISON, Erin Starr 1 
ELLIS, Susan Rene 3 
ELLWEIN, Ann Elizabeth 2 
ELSBERG, Jonathon Simon 1 
EMERICK, Ingrid Anne 4 
ENDACOTT, Karen Ann 4 
ENDACOTT, Laura Jean 4 
ENDERSON, James H. f 
ENGLE, Donna Rae s 
ENQUIST, Brian Joseph 4 
ENRIGHT, Erika Ann 4 
ENRIGHT, Janet Meisel s 
EPSTEIN, Noah Jacob 2 
ERCOLANO, Carol P. s 
ERDOS, Livia Eva 3 
ERICKSON, Judith A. s 
ERICKSON, Sarah Linn 1 
ERNST, Leslie E. s 
ESCOVEDO, Shanti Forrest 3 



ESPARZA, Elvida 1 
ESQUIBEL, Melissa Margaret 1 
ETCHART, Michael Dean 1 
EUGSTER, Betsy Anne 3 
EULE, James Michael 3 
EWERS, Tamara Lynn 1 
EWING, Leah Grace 4 
EYRE, Christina Maria 2 

FADIM, Kimberly Blake 2 
FAGAN, George V. f 
FAHLUND, Andrew Christopher 4 
FAHRINGER, Matthew Steven 2 
FAISON, Alexa Willing 1 
FALLON, Matthew Todd 1 
FARAONI, Duccio Matteo 2 
FARBER, Daniel S. 4 
FARGANIS, Daphne 2 
FARLEY, Brian P. 3 
FARNHAM, Beth Ellen 4 
FARRELL, Marcy Dionis 3 
FARROW, Kathryn Noel 3 
FARR, Dawson Arthur 4 
FAUCETT, Robert Colvin 1 
FAWCETT, Eugene E. s 
FAY, Leland Charles; HI 1 
FEDOROWICZ, Andrew Nicholas 3 
FEE, Amanda Elizabeth 1 
FEIGES, Jonathon Mark 3 
FEINBERG, Avron Herer 3 
FEISTNER, Joel Evan 1 
FEISTNER, Stephanie Jill 4 
FEIS, Nathaniel Paxton 
FELDMANN, Meredith Lynn 2 
FELTON, Kimberly Anne 4 
FELTOVICH, Amy Michelle 1 
FELTS, Rebecca Ruth 1 
FELTY, Jayson Lee 3 
FENLASON, Clay Daniel 2 
FERBER, Samara Jane 4 
FERGUSON, Deborah D. s 
FERGUSON, Julia Starr 2 
FERGUSON, Michael Jeffery 3 
FERRARIS, Maurizio f 
FETTER, Robert H. 1 
FIELDER, Tavia Ann 2 
FINDLAY, Robert Blake 2 
FINLEY, David D. a 
FINLDEY, Judith E. s 
FINNEY, Catherine L. s 
HORE, Mark Daniel 4 
FIORY, Andrea Marie 1 
FIREMAN, Brian Marc 3 
FISCHER, Kristin M. 2 
FISCHER, William A. f 



FISHER, Jean Elizabeth 1 
FISHER, Randy A. f 
FISHER, Seth S. 1 
FISHER, Steven Weiss 2 
FITZGERALD, Sean Tomas 1 
FITZ, Gabriela Vanessa 1 
FLOOD, Frank f 
FLOREY, Thomas Frank 1 
FOLEY, Keren Gwenne 3 
FOLEY, Sean Michael 3 
FORESTER, David Alan 1 
FOSTER, Bryan Conrad 2 
FOSTER, Careen Shearin 3 
FOSTER, Laura Leanne 2 
FOSTER, Michael S. 3 
FOSTER, Ronald C. s 
FOWLES, Christine J. s 
FOX, Douglas A. f 
FRAELEY, Michelle Lynn 4 
FRANCES, Matthew Hilton 1 
FRANKENHOFF, William Pollner; Jr. 
FRANKLIN, James Caleb 1 
FRANK, Jennifer Lynn 1 
FRANK, Maurice Thomas 1 
FRANTZ, Jefferson Ben 1 
FRASCA, Andrea Melina 2 
FRATER, Natalie 1 
FREDENICK, Catnip Echo Ridge 1 
FREED, Douglas W. f 
FREED, Elaine E. a 
FREEDMAN, Nicholas Stanton 1 
FREEDMAN, Peter Nemser 1 
FREEMAN, Kathleen Bridget 1 
FREEMAN, Terry L. s 
FRENCH, Katharine Anne a 
FRERICHS, Anne Charlotte 3 
FRETHEIM, Dorothy Anne s 
FREWING, Dirk Robert 1 
FRICK, David Bartley 3 
FRIEDT, Jason Alexander 1 
FRISBIE, Todd Stewart 2 
FRITZ, Antje 8 
FRITZ, Joy B. s 
FRITZ, Peter Neil 3 
FROHLICH, Lara Vanessa 3 
FROHRING, Connie W. a 
FROHNMAYER, Aaron Jonathon 1 
FROST, Robert Perry 2 
FROST, Terrence Weldon 4 
FRYER, Benjamin Hart 2 
FULGHUM, Don E. a 
FRYKHOLM, Peter Andrew 4 
FULLER, Diane Gail 3 
FULLER, Margaret Elliott 2 
FULLER, Sheila J. s 
FULLER, Timothy f 
FUNK, Christian Nikolai 2 
FUNK, Cynthia S. a 
FURBY, Heather Lea 2 

GAASCH, William E. s 
GABLER, Tracy Morgan 1 

GADD, Christopher Laurier 1 
GADDIS, Barbara f 
GAHART, Ben J. s 
GAITHER, Charlotte Canning 2 
GALBRAITH, John Morrison 3 
GALE, Alison Ann 2 
GALE, Gregory Steven 3 
GALLARDO, Robert Joseph 2 
GALLEGOS, Melvin Benito 4 
GAMER, Carleton f 
GANCI, Alison Lorraine 1 
GANONG, Christina Louise 3 
GARCIA, Claire O. f 
GARDNER, David Waterbury 1 
GARD, Robert Leslie 3 
GARNISH, Suzanne s 
GARNSEY, Hilary Jill 3 
GARRETT, Jack Richard 

Joshua 3 
GARRIGAN, James Joseph; III 4 
GARRISON, Margaret L. s 
GARTH, Timoth Allen 1 
GATELY, Jennifer Ann 2 
GATES, Isabelle s 
GATES, Karen Beth 2 
GAUGER, Sarah Kathleen 3 
GAY, Joscelyn Leila 3 
GECGIL, Nurham Tezcan 4 
GEDACK, Sharon Kay 4 
GEDACK, Troy Michael 3 
GEEHAN, Kelli Elizabeth 4 
GEER, ErinS. 2 
GELNER, Victor V. s 
GREEN, Julia E. 4 
GREEN, Timothy Andrew 3 
GREER, Genevieve Wilmarth 2 
GREER, Gretchen Marie 1 
GREER, Mary Lisa 2 
GREGORY, Jennifer Ann 2 
GREGORY, Matthew Jay 3 
GREIS, Alicia A. s 
GREUNKE, David Gaylord 4 
GRIESS, Aaron Thomas 2 
GRIFFITHS, L. Christopher f 
GRIGG, Laurie Davis 4 
GRONER, Todd Michael 1 
GROSS, Michael Crane 4 
GROSSMAN, David Adam 1 
GROTE, Sara Chase 3 
GRUBER, Christopher Arthur 4 
GUDICELLO, Lynette Francesca 4 
GUERIN, Helen Berniece 3 
GUILBEAU, Rachel Helen 4 
GULLA, Brett 2 
GUMAER, Dorothy V. s 
GUNN, Alison Mae 3 
GUNN, Robert Curtis 2 
GUSTAFSON, Mari Lee 4 

GUSTAFSON, Jon Christian 4 

GUTH, Brennan Ashley 3 

GUY, Margaret Grace 4 

GUZMAN, Gabriella 1 


HALL, Emily Anne 1 
HALL, Leroy Brent s 
HALL, Tara Lynn 1 
HALLE, Elizabeth a 
HALLMAN, Alfred A. 3 
HAMASAKI, David Toshiro 3 
HAMILTON, Gregory Irvine 1 
HAMILTON, Mary Alice f 
HAMLOW, David Rin 1 
HAMMAN, Stephen Farrell 4 
HAMMER, Jill Lynn 3 
HANCK, Laurel Michelle 2 
HANES, Robert Eugene; Jr. 2 
HANLON, Lara Michaela 1 
HANNAH, Caroline Margaret 4 
HANNINGAN, Michael R. a 
HANNUM, Jonathon Thoreau 1 
HANRETTA, Sean Allen 1 
HANSON, Amber Lynn 3 
HANSON, Esther M. s 
HANSON, Kathleen Jane 4 
HAN, Kristin Lee 1 
HARBOUR, Allison Brooke 3 
HARDIN, Lisa Day 2 
HARDY, Deanna Lee 2 
HARE, Jennifer Lynne 4 
HARKINS, Michael Brent 2 
HARLEY, Alexandra 2 
HARMAN, Timothy WArd 1 
HARRIMAN, Lisa Marie 1 
HARRINGTON, Carolyn Sue s 
HARRINGTON, Patrick Allen 1 
HARRINGTON, Timothy Wayne 4 
HARRIS, Todd William 3 
HARTLEY, Todd Miller 3 
HARTMAN, Michael Alan 
HARTMAN, Robert Perry 
HART, Julie Ann 2 
HARVEY, Jean Cudahy 3 
HASKELL, Susan Kristen 
HASSEBROEK, Braden Donald 4 
HASSEY, Kollen K. s 
HATHAWAY, Melanie Anne 2 
HATHAWAY, Ronald P. f 
HAUGLAND, Nicole Yvette 3 
HAUN, Cynthia Ann 4 
HAUS MAN, Karen Marie 1 
HAYASHI, Takuma 1 
HAYMONS, Christopher Daniel 3 
HAZEN, Brooke Mandeville 1 
HEAD, Joseph f 
HEADY, Michelle Lynette 4 

HEATH, Jacqueline Ann 2 
HEBERT, Timothy Patrick 1 
HECOX, Walter E. f 
HEGARTY, Rachel Anne 2 
HEGERLE, Laura Lynn 3 
HEHN, Sean Thomas 2 
HEIM, Werner G. f 
HEIDEMAN, Aaron Jerad 1 
HEIN, Christine a 



HEISTER, Lara Elizabeth 3 
HEITNER, Andrew Wilson 2 
HELLER, David Sol 4 
HELLER, Lori Ann 2 
HEMMING, Ethan Ward 3 
HEMMY, Laura Sue 1 
HEMPE, Amy Heather 4 
HEMPSTEAD, Lisa Carrie 6 
HENDERSON, James P. f 
HENDERSON, Rebecca Anne 2 
HENDRIX, Jane Mara 3 
HENES, Alfred Edmund 2 
HENN, Diane M. s 
HENRY, Christopher Michael 1 
HENSCHEN, Katherine Michelle 1 
HENSON, Carleta a 
HERMANN, Christine Jennifer 1 
HERRMANN, Justin Mathew 2 
HERRON, Janice G. s 
HESS, Lisa Jill 3 
HESS, Rachel Elizabeth 3 
HESTER, Charles J. s 
HETZECK, Heather Mary 1 
HEWELL, Michael Jonathan David 2 
HEWITT, Ada Woods 1 
HICKS, Harold Rufus, Jr. s 
HICKS, Janet Lynn 3 
HICKS, Stephen Christopher 1 
HIGA, Tammy Lynn 2 
HIGGINS, Jordan Nathaniel 4 
HILBERRY, Jane Elizabeth f 
HILDEBRAND, Douglas Patrick 4 
HILEMAN, Jo Ann S. s 
HELKEY, Jason Michael 3 
HILLIARD, Christian Michael 3 
HILLMAN, Kimberly Elizabeth 3 
HILLMAN, Margaret F. s 
HILLMER, Kelly Brooke 3 
HILLMER, Wendy Elise 1 
HILLRICH, Joan Marie 1 
HILL, Gregory Scott 2 
HILT, Richard L. f 
HILTON, Jodi Danielle 2 
HINCK, Carol Leah s 
HINDERLITER, Susan Elizabeth 2 
HINKLE, Douglas David 4 
HITCHCOCK, Eldon T. f 
HITES, Christopher Ronald 1 
HITE, Laura Elizabeth 4 
HOBSON, Julia Anne 1 
HOCHMAN, William R. f 
HOFFMAN, Cyndie Rachelle 4 
HOFFMAN, Michael f 
HOGE, William Scott 4 
HOLBROOK, Traci Lee 1 
HOLCOMBE, Keith Robert 2 
HOLCOMB, Katrina Marie 3 
HOLLISTER, John Cameron; Jr. 4 
HOLLORAN, Matthew James 4 

HOLMES, Jennifer Grier 1 
HOLMES, Randolph Maxwell 3 
HOLMES, Todd Edgar 2 
HOLO, Joshua David 2 
HOLTBY, Elizabeth L. s 
HOLWELL, Tricia Ann 2 
HONIG, David f 
HOPKINS, Kirby Keck 4 
HOPKINS, Theresa Ann 2 
HORD, Aubrey Latham 4 
HOROVITZ, Peter Adams 3 
HOROWITZ, Diane 1 
HORNER, John M. f 
HORTON, Brendan Ryan 4 
HORTON, Lance Eric 1 
HOSKINS, Brian Graham 4 
HOSKINS, Terri L. Atnip s 
HOSTETTER, Aaron Kenneth 1 
HOUSE, Gayle Ann a 
HOUSER, Karen Marie 4 
HOWARD, Erin Wills 3 
HOWARD, John O., Sr. s 
HOWE, Andrea Lynn 4 
HOWE, Evan Stuart 1 
HOWE, Marisa Murray 3 
HOWLETT, Amy Lewis 2 
HSIEH, Wendy 4 
HUBER, Karen Marlene 1 
HUBER, Sandra Lavon 3 
HUCKABAY, Charla M. s 
HUEY, Laura Kathleen 3 
HUFFOR, Vicki Jo s 
HUGHES, Darrold Wayne s 
HUGHES, William Cullen 1 
HULL, Andrea Gay 2 
HUMMELS, Mark Allan 3 
HUND, Lucia 8 
HUNTER, Angela Nicole 1 
HUNTER, Paul Robinson; III 1 
HUNTER, Robert Lee; III 3 
HUPTON, Gina Marie 2 
HURTADO, Timothy Ray 1 
HURVIS, Christy Marie 4 
HUSSA, Curtis H. s 
HUTCHINSON, Joseph Wendell 3 
HUTCHINSON, Matthew Brooks 1 
HYBL, William Joseph Jr. 3 
HYNNES, Christopher Harold 2 

ICKE, Peter Laurence 3 
INGLIS, David Winsor 1 
INGVOLDSTAD, Scott Andrew 1 
INKELL, Lisa Kerry 1 
IPPOLITO, Lee Ann 1 
IRVINE, Mark Shaw 2 



JACKSON, Angela D. 3 
JACKSON, Courtney Bangert 3 
JACKSON, Jessica Breward 3 
JACKSON, Matthew Richard 1 
JACOBS, Julia Christine 2 
JACOBS, Michael R. 3 
JACOBUS, Currie Foster 3 
JAECKEL, Bradley Murray 1 
JAGELMAN, Jane Elizabeth 3 
JAHN, Beverly A. s 
JAKUBCZYK, Paul Luke 1 
JANEWAY, Augustus White 2 
JANKE, Steven J. f 
JANNOTTA, Joseph Edwin; III 3 
JAQUITH, David William 4 
JARACZEWSKI, Jody Steven 1 
JAR VIS, Jason Penfield 3 
JASTREMSKY, Magnolia Olga 3 
JEAVONS, William R. s 
JEFFERY, Bridget Mary 3 
JENKINS, Donald P. f 
JENNEY, Laura Symington 4 
JENSEN, Meredith Simmons 1 
JES SEE, Jessica Leah 1 
JIM, Brian Jun Choy 1 
JIM- JAMES, Sonlatsa Luella 1 
JOBE, Jarrad Jason 1 
JOBIN, Nicole Vicki 2 
JOEL, Sara Kay 3 
JOHANSEN, Anne Elizabeth 3 
JOHNS, Gilbert f 
JOHNSON, Dagmar E. s 
JOHNSON, Erin Heather 1 
JOHNSON, James A. f 
JOHNSON, Julie Marie 3 
JOHNSon, Mary Katherine s 
JOHNSON, Teri Lynn 4 
JOHNSON, Toby Rogers 4 
JOHNSTONE, Amy Rebecca 2 
JOHNSTON, Jay Carter; H 4 
JOJOLA, Gregory Alan 2 
JOLLEY, Matthew Olds 4 
JONES, Andrew Douglas 3 
JONES, Caroline Lauren 4 
JONES, Charles Kenneth 2 
JONES, David M. s 
JONES, Donna M. s 
JONES, Durelle Lee s 
JONES, Harold f 
JONES, Julia Elizabeth 1 
JONES, Laura Ruth 4 
JONES, Leslie Keighley 1 
JONES, Lucien Rustin 4 
JONES, Mary Ann s 
JONES, Pamela A. s 



JONES, Patrick Talbott 1 
JONES, Paul Lloyd a 
JONES, Peter William 3 
JONES, Ronald E.; Jr. 1 
JONES, Vanessa Leigh 2 
JONES-EDDY, Julie s 
JONKER, Stacey Marie 1 
JORDAN, Travis Kyle 2 
JOSEPH, Brian David 4 
JOSE, Jennifer Ocampo 2 
JUDD, Stefanie Anne 2 
JUDGE, Patrick Lane 3 
JUHAS,EarlA. f 
JUNGE, Daniel Jerome 3 

KAISER, Anita L. s 
KALISH, Jeffrey Wynn 3 
KAMINSKY, Rebecca H. 2 
KANAL, Shahira Lena 3 
KANE, Andrew Spaulding 2 
KANTNER, John W. p 
KAPPS, Karen S. s 
KAPUR, Rahul Sudarshan 3 
KAPUR, Vatsala Rhona 1 
KARASZ, Valerie 1 
KARCHUT, Darby s 
KARPE, Svetlana Todorovic 3 
KARST, Jan Frederick 3 
KASSOVER, Phillipa M. s 

KATES, Brian Julius 2 
KATON, Lisa Renee 1 
KATZ, Diana Brooke 3 
KAUERZ, Kristie Anne 4 
KAUPPI, Kai John 4 
KAWAHARA, Masaki 2 
KAYA, Michelle Lynne 1 
KAY, Ann 3 
KAY, Gregory 3 
KAZDA, Michael James 1 
KEAN, Marshall P. s 
KEATHLEY, Andrew Todd 1 
KEDER, Janice K. s 
KEELER, Natalie Marie 3 
KEENER, Shawn Marie 2 
KEEN, Elizabeth Ann 4 
KEETON, Kathleen Mechelle 1 
KEET, Jean Elizabeth 3 
KEILMAN, John Andrew 4 
KEELTY, Joshua Peter 1 
KEIN, Rachel Leah 1 
KEKIC, Nicholas Frederic 1 
KELLER, Frederick R., Jr. a 
KELLER, Jeffrey Breakenridge 4 
KELLER, Walter Charles K.; II 4 
KELLOGG, Charles Brian 3 
KELLY, Helen Lynch s 
KELLY, Jonathan J. 2 
KELM, Derek Shawn 1 
KELSO, Sylvia f 
KELSON, Jeffrey P. s 
KEMP, Terry Robert s 
KEMPERS, Scott Forest 3 

KENAN, Annice Hawkins 3 
KENDALL, Logan Adair 3 
KENNEDY, Collon Charles 1 
KENNEDY, Erin Leigh 3 
KENNEDY, Matthew Lewis 4 
KENNEDY, Sean Hendryx 1 
KENT, Daniel Ronald 6 
KENT, Jeffrey David 4 
KENT, Nancy deLong a 
KENT, Peter Darien 1 
KEON, Mark Tuttle 1 
KERN, Anne Marie 1 
KERRIGAN, Susan 3 
KERWIN, Michael William 3 
KESTER, Keith Bruce f 
KIDD, Randy Ryan 3 
KIEFER, Virginia R. s 
KIETZMANN, Johnna Lynn 1 
KIMBER, Kristofer Arthur 1 
KIMMETT, Sarah Margaret 3 
KIM, David Sung-Il 1 
KIM, Son-Hui 4 
KINGHORN, Marcie Dyann 2 
KINGMAN, Abner 4 
KING, David Scott 1 
KING, Heather Suzanne 1 
KING, James Wright 4 
KING, Mark Fulton 2 
KING, Matthew Allen 2 
KING, Thaddeus David 4 
KING, William Maxwell Perkins 1 
KINNEY, Karin Elizabeth s 
KINNEY, Patrick Thomas 4 
KINSEL, Michelle Lynn 3 
KINSLEY, Robert Anthony 2 
KINSLOW, Catherine Kim 3 
KINTZ, Nicole Nina 1 
KIPFER, Amy Elizabeth 4 
KIRKMAN, Jason Michael 1 
KIRSCH, Edith f 
KIRSHBAUM, Audra Lee 2 
KISHIYAMA, Christopher Mark 3 
KITO, William Gordon 4 
KJELDEN, Traci Jo 1 
KLAASMEYER, Corey Mark 3 
KLECK, Jennifer Lee 4 
KLEIMAN, Neil Scott 2 
KLEIN, Ilya Aleksandr 2 
KLOPP, Courtney Caller 1 
KLOTTER, Karen Michelle 4 
KLOWDEN, Melinda Beth 1 
KNIGHT, Jonathan Gary 4 
KNIPE, Nancy s 
KNOCKE, Ashley Ann 4 
KNOWLES, Julis Lynne 3 
KNOW, Heather Alexander 1 
KNOX, Betsy 4 
KNUDSEN, Rona Kristin 3 
KOBAYASHI, Scott Douglas 4 
KOC, Richard A. f 
KOCH, Abigail Ruth 2 

KOERNER, Jane G. a 
KOFMAN, Rina 3 
KOHLHAAS, Karrie Virginia 1 
KOLA, Bruce M. s 
KOLARIK, Ruth E. f 
KOLP, Paul James 4 
CONSEK, Michael Scot 4 
"OPFLE, Rachel M. 1 
vORGEL, Charry Ann 3 
KORITZINSKY, Carolyn Misch 1 
KOSGLOW, Mia Andrea 2 
KOSTICK, Yuri A. 1 
KOTOWSKI, Timothy William 3 
KOTT, Kristin Lia 2 
KOUNTZ, Rosemarie Colleen 1 
XOWALSKI, Susan Marie 3 
.OWERT, Kara Lynn 4 
CRAHMER, Karl Alexander 4 
KRALL, Maxine D. s 
KRAULL, Angie Mary 3 
KRAUT, Daniel Henry; Jr 3 
KRAWczyk, Madeline M. s 
KREHBIEL, Derek Christian 2 
KRENZER, Douglas William 2 
KREUSCH, Bernard, Jr. s 
KRIBS, Tamara Lynn 4 
KRILL, Brian Campbell 1 
KRIMM, Hans f 
KROH, George Piersol; Jr. 1 
KRUCKEBERG, Jesse Carr 2 
KRUEGER, Bernadine K. s 
KRUEGER, Elizabeth Lynn 2 
KRUSE, Laurel Lea 3 
KUEHNER, Jennifer Ann 4 
KUERBIS, Paul J. f 
KUGLER, Teresa Eileen 4 
KURAISHI, Makiko 3 
KUSALASAI, Virayut Charles 1 
KUTSCHE, Paul f 

LA BARE, Virginia s 
LA FOND, Louise f 
LAFORCE, Margaret Jennifer 3 
LAGAE, Marc Eric 1 
LAHER, Craig Roger 4 
LAI, Chein Hsun 1 
LAMBERT, Leigh Asher 2 
LAMBERT, Thomas James 2 
LAMBERT, Timothy Martin 2 
LAMB, Andrew Walter 3 
LAMPPA, Derek James 2 
LANE, Carol J. s 
LANE, Lisa Michelle a 
LANGER, G. Edward f 
LANGDON, Peter Berkes 3 
LANGE, Melissa Bernadine 1 
LANGHUS, John Lauge 1 
LANGLOIS, Steve P. s 
LANGSAM, Peter Manse 4 
LANSKY, Douglas Dylan 3 
LANTZ, Kathryn Elaine 4 
LANTZ, Laura Christine 4 

LARA, Maria Christina 2 
LARCHER, Thomas Edward s 
LARIMER, Heather Ann 1 
LARSEN, Lori Lynn 1 
LARSON, Robert Graham 3 
LAST, Kenneth Jeffrey 4 
LATIMER, Rachelle 2 
LATOUR, Derek R. 3 
LAUX, Judith A. f 
LAVELLE, Robert James 4 
LAVIOLETTE, Brigitte I. s 

LAWLER, Christopher Kevin 2 
LA WLEY, Sunshine 1 
LA WLOR, Kathleen Ellen 1 
LAWRENCE, Arthur William; III 1 
LAWRENCE, Jacob William 4 
LAWSON, Donald R., Jr. s 
LAWSON, Katherine Ann 4 
LAW, Martha Flora 3 
LAY, James R. s 

LEADBETTER, Katharine Shannon 4 
LEAF, Kelly Ray 2 
LEAR, Jerrel W. f 
LEAS, Nancy Elizabeth 3 
LEAVER, Mary Elizabeth s 
LEDBETTER, Alice Marie s 
LEDBETTER, Baylor Irene 3 
LEES, Anthony G. 4 
LEE, Christopher Keone 3 
LEE, Kevin R. 4 
LEE, Robert D. f 
LEFORETT, Michelle Leigh 1 
LEHAN, Sarah Elizabeth 1 
LEHMANN, Theodore Stack 3 
LEHMAN, Lisa Anne 3 
LENZ, Jared Nelson 1 
LEONARD, Eric Michael f 
LEONETTI, Dawn Frankie 4 
LEPISTO, Christopher Mathew 2 
LESCAZE, Alexandra Hughes 2 
LEUNG, William Fuk Wing 2 
LEVENSON, David Hendrik 2 
LEVIN, Richard Benjamin 3 
LEVINE, Victoria L. f 
LEVY, Carl Morris 3 
LEWALLEN, Judy Ruth 4 
LEWIN, John Henry; III 1 
LEWIS, Charles Michael 3 
LEWIS, James Allen 1 
LEWIS, Matthew Michael 2 
LEYBA, Johanna Margaret 1 
LIBENGOOD, Patricia K. s 
LIEF, Shane Taylor 2 
LIEN, Alexander Lawrason 4 
LIEN, Lydia Maynard 2 
LINDAU, Juan David f 
LINDBLADE, Thomas W. f 
LINDEMAN, Theodore G. f 

LINDER, AlissaAnne 1 
LINDLEY, Patricia Sue 3 
LINDNER, Christoph Perrin 2 
LINDSAY, Marina Hawthorne 4 
LINDSAY, Ramel Eugene 4 
LIND, Jennifer Curtis 3 
LIN, Weber Wei-Po 3 
LINNEMAN, Scott R. f 
LIPP, Robert Isidor 1 
LIPSON, Nancy Lynne 3 
LITVAK, Dianna Lynn 4 
LLAi 1 
LIVESAY, Jeff f 
LLOYD, Aaron David 2 
LOCKHART, Elizabeth Joan 3 
LODZIESKI, Scott Edward 1 
LOEFFLER, Bruce M. f 
LOEVY, Robert D. f 
LOFGREN, Parker William 4 
LOFTIS, Leo s 
LOHNES,JudAlan 2 
LOMAS, Clara A. f 
LONDRY, Virginia MacPherson s 
LONG, Walter Donaldson; Jr. 3 
LOPEZ, Betty Jo 2 
LORD, David H. a 
LORSON, Christian Lawrence 4 
LOSEY, Jillian Marie 1 
LOTRICH, Andrew Thomas 2 
LOUDEN, Rachel Margaret 2 
LOVELACE, Jeffrey Campbell; Jr. 2 
LOWELL, Josh Yael 1 
LOWE, Lori Anne 6 
LOWE, Tracey Lee Ann 2 
LOWLAND, Amy Beth 3 
LOWRY, Janice Diane 3 
LUBCHENCO, David Warren 2 
LUBECK, Kendall Leigh 3 
LUCAS, Scott Christopher 4 
LUCKS, Alistair Colin 2 
LUDGIN, Alexander Moses 4 
LUEBKE, David Patrick 2 
LUEDERS, Shontelle Kay 1 
LUKE, Erin Christine 4 
LUMSDON. Yvette G. s 
LUNDSTROM, Craig C. p 
LUTOVICH, Natasha Ann 1 
LUTZE, Donna s 
LUZIETTI, Alan Dominic 3 
LYONS, Kristina Elisabeth 2 

MACDOUGALL, James Frederick 4 
MACFARLANE, Thomas Ivon 3 
MACHETTE, Melissa Susanna 4 
MACKENZIE, Shana Leigh 3 
MACKEN, James Joseph 2 



MACK, Christine Ann 4 
MADDEN, Kimberly Ann 4 
MADER, Natasha Angale 3 
MADRUGA, Herving f 
MADSEN, Melea Renee 3 
MAGINN, Jennifer Ann 4 
MAHONEY, Stephen Frank 1 
MALCOLM, James J. f 
MALEY, Nicola Mary 4 
MALIKIAN, Armen Joseph; Jr. 3 
MALLEY, Sharon L. s 
MALYSHEV, Inna A. f 
MALOTT, Robert Deane 3 
MANCINI, Liana Marie 3 
MANDEL, Steve s 
MANGEOT, Maria Yolanda 3 
MANNING, Meredith Strickland 2 
MANOSEVITZ, Jason Uri 1 
MANTHEY, Jon Eugene 4 
MARDER, Carrie Page 1 
MARKENDORF, Karla Erin 3 
MARKHAM, John Wells 1 
MARKLEY, David Kai 4 
MARKS, Christopher Andrews 4 
MARMOLEJO, Jonathan E. s 
MARQUES, Lynne Maria 3 
MARR, John Francis 4 
MARRIL, Joyce C. s 
MARSHALL, James C. 4 
MARTINEZ, Carlos J. 3 
MARTINEZ, Josephine Mary s 
MARTINEZ, Mary Catherine 1 
MARTINEZ, Orlando Julian 1 
MARTINEZ, Sylvia 8 
MARTIN, Carrie Alice 4 
MARTIN, Daivid Wilson 3 
MARTIN, Karen Renee 2 
MARTIN, Matthew Murray 1 
MARUYAMA, Paul K. f 
MARX, Jay Houston 3 
MASON, Amy L. 2 
MASON, Aurelia Joni Kay 3 
MASON, Erik Andrew 2 
MASON, Jonas Edward 2 
MASON, Rochelle T. a 
MASTERSON, Mary Anne 4 
MATSHE, Zenziwe 1 
MATTHEIS, Leah Meredith 2 
MAUCH, Thomas f 
MAUCH, Monica 1 
MAURER, Amy Cathleen 2 
MAURITZ, Gwyn Kirstin 4 
MAUZ, Kathryn Ellen 1 
MAW, Christen Amber 3 
MAXWELL, Heather 1 
MAYES, Amber Lee 1 



MAYNARD, Nicholas 1 
MAYO, Ann Maura 4 
MAYS, David McCurry 3 
MAYS, Todd Eric 1 
MAY, Daniel Glenn 2 
MCARTHUR, Lauren Saint 4 
MCBREEN, Joseph Thomas 4 
MCBRIDE, Sean Patrick 1 
MCCABE, Kelly Sue 1 
MCCAFFERTY, Christopher Connor 1 
MCCALL, Edmund Barclay Ball 1 
MCCARTHY, Bobbie B. s 
MCCARTHY, Carolyn Marie 1 
MCCLURE, Michael Jay 2 
MCCOY, Danielle Christine 1 
MCCREA, Kimberly R. 1 
MCCUNE, Kerry Elizabeth 4 
MCE VERS, Michael R. s 
MCDADE, Kirsten Ayn 2 
MCDERMOTT, James Alister C. 4 
MCDERMOTT, Marcy Lamar 1 
MCDONALD, Catherine Leigh 4 
MCDOUGALL, Brian Duncan 4 
MCDOUGALL, Katherine Miner 3 
MCELROY, Matthew Thomas 1 
MCELROY, Stephanie Lynne 3 
MCELWAIN, Steven James 1 
MCFARLAN, Carla Frances Maria 3 
MCFARLAND, Becky Lee 2 
MCFARLAND, Donna L. s 
MCFARLAND, Janet Suzanne 4 
MCFARLAND, Louis Eugene 4 
MCGALL, Melissa Gray 3 
MCGARVEY, Anne Elizabeth 1 
MCGEE, James K. s 
MCGEE, Lisa Kathryn 2 
MCGLINN, Thomas C. f 
MCGRAW, Marty Christopher 2 
MCILYAR, Kirby Anne 3 
MCINERNEY, Joseph a 
MCINTYRE, James Bigelow; Jr. 2 
MCJIMSEY, Marianna Presler f 
MCJIMSEY, RObert D. f 
MCKAY, Bonnie Ximenes s 
MCKAY, William Cotton 4 
MCKELVEY, Sean Morgan 1 
MCKINNON, Michelle Bridget 4 
MCKINSTRY, Katherine Ann 3 
MCLAUGHLIN, Sean Michael 2 
MCLEAN, Jennifer Irene Poletti 2 
MCLEOD, Laurel a 
MCMAHON, Patrick Joseph 1 
MCMILLAN, Margaret Elizabeth 4 
MCMINN, Virginia R. s 
MCMORROW, Juliet Marie 3 
MCMURTREY, Richard Allan 2 
MCNARY, EvalineC. a 
MCNEIL, Kris Larson 2 
MCNEW, Sandra Lee f 
MCQUIRE, Heather Lynn 1 
MCQUITTY, Rebecca Graham 3 
MCREYNOLDS, Phoebe Kay s 

MCSHANE, Patrick Degnan 4 
MCTERNAN, Kevin J. a 
MCVEIGH, Adam Marsman 2 
MEAD, Sarah Beatrice 2 
MECHANIC, Jordan Alexander 1 
MEDINA, Jacqueline J. s 
MEGNA, Laurine T. 6 
MEHL, Margo Lynn 3 
MEHTA, Asha Himatlal 1 
MEIRICK, Julie 3 
MELLBERG, Jon Robert 3 
MENDOZA, Charlotte f 
MENDOZA, Ryun Paul 3 
MERKEL, John William 4 
MERRIAM, Jennifer Campbell 3 
MERRIAM, Kathryn Lindsey 4 
MERRILL, Aimee Marie 1 
MERRILL, Kathy D. f 
MERRITT, Jennifer McBay 4 
MERRnT, Melanie MacRae 3 
MERTENS, Carrie Jeanine 3 
MERTZ, J. Douglas f 
MESKE, Dolores M. s 
MESSER, Stacy Lee 3 
MESTAD, Renee Elizabeth 1 
MESTAS, Michelle Ann 1 
METCALF, Elizabeth Susan 3 
METEVIER, Mark Gregory 3 
MEYER, Ciela Hoffman 3 
MEYER, Sally A. f 
MEZA, NinaF. s 
MICHAS, Stephanie 4 
MICHEL, Lester A. f 
MICHEL, Vera E. s 
MICHELETTI, Jennifer Elise 4 
MICK, William Jay 4 
MIDDENTS, Dana Knight 4 
MfflALICK, Salem Renee 2 
MILLER, Dale J. f 
MILLER, David Vernon 4 
MILLER, Jill Suzanne 3 
MILLER, Lysle Curtis 4 
MILLER, Sarah Diane 4 
MILLER, Steven James; Jr. 4 
MILLER, Walter John; IE 4 
MILLS, Carole Jane s 
MILLS, Pamela Jean 2 
MILLS, Rachel Louise 1 
MILTON, Cassandria Denean 4 
MISHAGA, Adam Emmert 4 
MISHELL, Alan Daniel 2 
MITCHELL, Cindy Renee 2 
MITCHELL, John Dakers 1 
MITCHELL, Maren 1 
MITCHELL, ROxanne G. s 
MITCHELL, Shannon Dillard a 
MrrZE, Kirk Michael 2 
MIXON, Timothy Spiva 4 
MOBLEY, Andrew Stephen 1 
MOCHIZUKI, Lisa Haruko 4 
MOGEL, Scott N. f 
MOHAN, Clara s 
MONROY, Douglas g. f 

MONTOYA, Nicole Rae 4 
MONTOYA, Santiago A., Jr. s 
MONTOYA, Santiago A., Sr. s 
MOONEY, Casey Jenise 1 
MOONEY, John Shawn 2 
MOON, Dolores s 
MOON, Robin Elizabeth 1 
MOORE, Charles Farrell 4 
MOORE, David P.; Jr. 4 
MOORE, Gregory Scott 2 
MOORE, John Christian 1 
MOORE, Marie Cristine 2 
MOORE, Richard David 2 
MOORMAN, Susan G. s 
MORAN, Evan Patrick 1 
MORISHIGE, Warren Tadao 4 
MORLAN, Kristine Adele 4 
MORLEY, Alicia Dawn s 
MOROSS, David P. s 
MORR, Ruth A. s 
MORRISON, Christine Ann 4 
MORRISON, Julia Woods 8 
MORRISON, Steven Todd s 
MORRIS, Chad Lee 2 
MORRIS, Michael Stephen 2 
MORSE, Donna Lee s 
MORSE, Joseph Bradley 2 
MOSHER, Franklin K. s 
MOSSMAN, Guy Rutherford 1 
MOSS, Susan Beth 2 
MOSS, William Edward 2 
MOTESHAREI, Kianoush 4 
MOTTRAM, Keith Edward 1 
MOTTRAM, Stephen Andrew 3 
MOULTON, Reynolds Ellsworth; III 1 
MOUW, Matthew Bernard 2 
MOYER, Matthew Edward 1 
MO YES, Shannon Jenniffer 1 
MUELLER, David Charles 1 
MUELLER, Kirsten Lynne 4 
MUHONEN, Jeani L. f 
MULLALLY, Mark Patrick 2 
MULLAN, Meghan Elizabeth 1 
MULLENNIX, Addie Elizabeth 3 
MULLER, Erik Martin 1 
MULLER-BATHA, Christian 8 
MULVIHILL, John Peter 2 
MULVILLE, Aimee Sue Bevan 4 
MUNROE, Antonio Whitney 4 
MUNSCH, Julie Anne 2 
MUNSON, Gillian 3 
MUNSON, Joshua Selmar 3 
MUNSON, Patricia B. a 
MURAKAMI, Neal T. s 
MURPHY, Courtney Megan 1 
MURPHY, Cynthia B. s 
MURPHY, David Clarence 3 
MURPHY, Kevin George; Jr. 3 
MURPHY, Kevin Matthew 1 
MURPHY, Sarah Ruth 4 
MURPHY, Susannah Dabney 1 
MURRAY, Gale B. f 
MURRAY, Robert L. f 

MYERBURG, Michael Millard 1 
MYERS, Autumn Rae 2 
MYERS, Galen Studley 1 
MYROW, Paul Michael f 
MYSTROM, Nicholas Roger 1 

NAESER, Robert Benjamin 3 
NAFF, Christine Joanna 2 
NAGEL, Stacia 2 
NAGLE, Trevor Bruce 1 
NASH. Julie Jo 4 
NATHAN, Brandon Michael 1 
NEAL, Jennifer Ann 2 
NEEL, Carol Leigh f 
NEELEY, Fletcher Patrick 4 
NEER, Robert A. 2 
NEIFERT, Paige Lynn 4 
NEIFERT, Peter Erin p 
NEIGEL, Robyn Arlene 3 
NEILON, Barbara Lou s 
NELSON, Chris E. f 
NELSON, Jacqelyn A. s 
NELSON, Kay Dee s 
NELSON, Steven Edward 1 
NESBITT, Jennifer Louise 1 
NESTOR, Camilla Phillips 4 
NEUMANN, Rebecca Michelle 2 
NEVIN, Mark Leland 4 
NEWBERRY, Jane E. s 
NEWMAN, Heather Jeanette 3 
NEWMTLLER, Tracy Ellen 3 
NEWTON, Thomas S. 1 
NICHOLS, Lori Christine 2 
NICHOLS. Jennifer Savage 2 
NICKELL, Erice James 4 
NICKERSON, Karen Elizabeth 4 
NICKLES, Neal Edward 2 
NICOLAYSON, Kirsten Elaine 3 
NIELAND, Robert John 2 
NIELSEN, Mark Edward 1 
NIENOW, Shannon Lynne 2 
NIQUETTE, Kelly Marcel 4 
NITTA, Keith Akio 1 
NOBLE, Carolyn I. s 
NOBLE, Siobhan 2 
NOBLETT, Jeffrey B. f 
NOCTON, Wende Alison 4 
NOEL, Thomas Jeffrey 6 
NOONAN, Amy Beth 1 
NORBERG, Jennifer Ann 3 
NORBERG, Kristen Leslie 4 
NORDSTROM, Marissa Kate 4 
NORDVEDT, Timothy Daniel 1 
NORD, Brian Alan 4 
NORRDIN, Christopher Thomas 4 
NORRIS, Kathryn Virginia 1 
NORTH, Rylan Philip 1 
NORTON, Dolly Stanton 2 
NOSSAMAN, Dana Michelle 4 
NOTT, TaraLee 1 
NOVAK, Dana Jacqueline 4 

NOWAK, Michael f 
NOYES, Christopher Ian 2 
NOYES, Sara Hillock 4 
NULL, Carolynn Joyce 1 
NULL, Jack G. a ' 
NUSBAUM, Theodore Partick 1 

O'BRIEN, Janet Margaret 2 
O'CONNOR, Daniel Patrick 1 
O'CONNOR, Deborah Christian Post 
O'CONNOR, Kevin J. f 
O'DONNELL, Sheila Mary 6 
O'JALA, Julie Lynn 1 
O'MALLEY, Patrick O. 1 
O'NEILL, Susan E. 1 
0,SHEA, Timothy Michael 4 
ODERMAN, Sara Louise 1 
ODLE, JoRite Louise 3 
OGDEN, Laura Leota 4 
OGELMAN, Nadim 4 
OKAZAKI, Kanae 1 
OLDHAM, Valorie Miller 4 
OLESZEK, Sharon Ann s 
OLIVAS, Simon; Jr. 1 
OLIVER, Charlotee Maja 2 
OLMAN, Lynda Christine 1 
OLMSTEAD, Margery Alice s 
OLPIN, Brian Clay 2 
OLSEN, Alexander Thomas 2 
OLSEN, Sara Katrina 4 
OLSON, Edwin Paul 4 
OLSON, Marty Scott 2 
O'NEAL, Katherine J. s 
O'NEILL, James H. s 
ORDWAY, Peter W. s 
ORLOFF, Aleksandr Monford 1 
ORMISTON, Brian Todd 2 
ORSBORN, JoAnn L. a 
ORTEGA, Felipe s 
ORTH, Deanna M. 3 
ORTH, Stephen Earl 4 
ORTIZ, Elizabeth Asuncion 2 
ORTMAN, Leslie Elizabeth 2 
ORTON, Douglas Lawrence 2 
OSBORN, Jennifer Lynne 1 
OSBORNE, Angela Michelle 1 
OSBORNE, David Robert 3 
OSBORNE, Dennis G. s 
OSTER, Trev Charlton 4 
OTIS, Alicia Esther 4 
OTO, Rodney M. a 
OTTESEN, Andrea Ruth 4 
OUSLEY, Wendi Leigh 3 
OWENS, Sarah Michelle 1 
OYEN, Kendra Marie 4 



PACE, Christopher Wesley 2 
PADA VAN, Todd Adam 2 
PADILLA, Peter David 3 
PAGEL, Teresa Kathleen 4 
PAGE, Elliot Douglas 1 
PAGE, Thomas Gordon 3 
PAGUYO, Alyce Renee 1 
PAICH, Mark f 
PAILLARD, Rosalie 2 
PAINE, Richard B. s 
PAIST, Andrea Eve 2 
PAK, Jung (Connie) Soo 2 
PAK, YongSoo 1 
PALAZZARI, Douglas J. s 
PALMER, Amy Michelle 4 
PALMER, Ann Louise s 
PALMER, Kristen G. 3 
PANDO, Gabriel Edward 3 
PANTELY, Georgianne Constance 3 
PAPUG A, Sandra L. s 
PARADISE, James Joseph; Jr. 1 
PAREDES, Andrew Herrera 2 
PARKER, Anna Pauline s 
PARKER, Joseph Bernard; III 1 
PARSONS, David James 3 
PARTEE, Michael Scott 2 
PATEL, Beena Amrit 3 
PATON, Debra M. s 
PATON, Nancy C. s 
PATRICK, Susan Dawn 3 
PATY, Christopher Sims 3 
PAYNE, Kandra Lynn 2 
PEARSON, Carl W. p 
PEASE, Katherine Alexis 4 
PECK, Amy Marie 1 
PEDERSON, Dolores C. s 
PEDERSON, Jill Marie 1 
PEERY, Benjamin Norman 2 
PEIRCE, Jonathan Read 2 
PELLS, Edward M. 4 
PELSTER, Martha Ann 4 
PEN A, Alexander Torre 2 
PENA, Devon G. f 
PENZ, Larissa Lea 2 
PEPER, Christopher William 1 
PEPPERL, Erma R. s 
PERALTA, Jeffrey Paul 1 
PEREA, Mark Anthony 4 
PERKINS, Elliott Keen 1 
PERRY, Kristen Anne 3 
PETERSON, Carol C. a 
PETERSON, Dale Clive 4 
PETERSON, Elmer f 
PETERSON, Jeffrey Craig 3 
PETERSON, Jill Shannon 3 



PETERSON, Kathrin F. s 
PETERSON, Mark Elroy 2 
PETERSON, Nancy Rachel 3 
PETERSON, Sharyl B. s 
PETERS, Edwin Eric 2 
PETERS, Jill Ann 3 
PETERS, Timothy Duncan 2 
PETITT, Peter Andrew 2 
PETTY, Christopher Neuman 1 
PFEIFER, Paul Gerard 2 
PHELPS, Elizabeth s 
PHELPS, Jennifer Sue 2 
PHENIX, William Grayson 3 
PHILIPPART, Mark Todd 4 
PHILLIPS, Dorothy H. s 
PHILIPS, Sloan Marie 1 
PHILLIPS, Laura Stanyan 3 
PHILLIPS, Marc Benjamin 1 
PHILLIPS, Rey Arnaldo 2 
PHILLIPS, Robert Frank 1 
PHILLIPS, Sara Nicole 1 
PICKLE, Joseph W., Jr. f 
PIERROT, Delphine 1 
PIERSON, Chamois Lynette 2 
PIERSON, Erik Karl 3 
PIERSON, Nicolette Suzanne 2 
PIETSCH, Eleanor M. s 
PIETROSKI, Johnine Helen 1 
PIKE, Elizabeth Catherine 4 
PILCHER, Stephen Christopher 2 
PILLSBURY, Andrea Marie 1 
PINEDA, Bianka Helena 1 
PINEDA, Yvonne Darlene 2 
PINGEL, Heidi Lynn 4 
PINKHAM, Richard Elliott 4 
PINNEY, Gail J. 4 
PIPER, Emily Margaret 1 
PIZIO, Elizabeth Ann 3 
PIZZI, Robert E. f 
PLEASANT, Alease YaVon 1 
PLOTKIN, Nicole Jennifer 3 
PLUEMER, Gina Maria 3 
PLUEMER, Loraine s 
PLUMMER, Kathryn Fay 2 
PLUSH, Vincent s 
PLYM, Roddna G. s 
POCHIPINSKI, Trevor Michael T. 4 
POGUE, Debra Lee 4 
POLSON, Randal Christian 2 
POMRANKA, Claire Sue Morris 6 
POMRANKA, Kristen Sue 2 
PONDER, Jacqueline Shannon 2 
POPE, Frederick Christenson 1 
POPLAWSKI, Orion Edward 3 
POPPERT, Todd William 2 
PORTER, Louisa Catherine 4 
POULSON, Mary Kristin 4 
POWELL, Anne Marie 1 
POWELL, Drake Randall 4 
POWELL, Katharine Maclin 1 

POWERS, Andrew, Hundley 3 
POWERS, Anne Marie 4 
POWERS, Wendy Lynne 2 
PRATT, Elizabeth Kristin 3 
PRICE, Matthew Daniel 1 
PRIME, Alexandra Kerr 3 
PRIME, Tamika Tanya 3 
PRITHAM, Gregory Howard 1 
PROCHASKA, Stefanie Marie 2 
PRUD'HOMME, Sheri Marie 2 
PRYOR, William Alexander 1 
PSARAKIS, Nicholas Marco 3 
PULSIFER, Alicia Holliday 2 

QUINN, Mary Patricia 4 

RAARUP, Eric Theodore 3 
RABBIN, Harvey G. f 
RABBIN, Marcelle f 
RADLEY, Justin Parks 2 
RAFFERTY, Patrick Michael 2 
RAGER, Robert Christopher 1 
RAICHART, Jonathan Jesse 1 
RAIMONDO, Anthony Peter 2 
RAINS, Virginia L. s 
RAJWAR, Manish Kumar 1 
RAMIREZ, Javier Joaquin 2 
RAMONE, Simon Quincy 1 
RAMOS, Laura Julie 2 
RAMOS, Michelle 2 
RAMSEY, Brian Patrick 4 
RAMSEY, Jill Elizabeth 1 
RANDALL, Ganatta Marie 1 
RANDALL, Peter R. f 
RANDOLPH, Leslie Cameron 1 
RANKIN, James Armstrong 3 
RANTZOW, Marcy Lyn 1 
RATLIFF, Kristina Lee 3 
RAWLEY,MaryBridgid 3 
RAYMOND, Margaret Rea 3 
READ, Carolyn Hannan 3 
READ, Robert Riley 1 
REAGAN, Katherine Elaine 4 
REAGAN, Kelly s 
RECORDS, Lisa Rae 1 
RECTOR, Philip G. a 
REDDINGTON, Shawn Patrick 2 
REDER, Genevieve Warfield 1 
REDMOUNT, Esther R. f 
REEDER, Liza Carnes 2 
REEDY, Karen Ann 3 
REED, Carl A. f 
REED, Tracy Lynne 4 
REENTS, Bradley Thomas 4 
REICHERT, Gayle Angela 4 
REID, Michael John 1 
REID, Shanna Renee 3 
REID, Shawn Mikky 1 
REINERT, Nellis D. a 
REINHART, Viola M. a 

REINITZ, Neale R. f 
REINKING, Julie Ann 4 
REISBECK, Karin 3 
RELYEA, Brian Friedrich 1 
REMEY, LisaS. 4 
RENDON, Manuel 2 
RENNE, Tanya Lynn 3 
REPENNING, Nelson P. p 
REYES, Norma Angela 1 
REYNOLDS, Judith U. a 
REYNOLDS, Taylor Amy 2 
RHINELANDER, Marcus Quincy : 
RHODEN, Sherrie Catherine 2 
RHODES, Carl Michael 3 
RHODES, Lynn L. a 
RICCIARDI, Gabriella f 
RICHARDSON, Brian Lee 1 
RICHARDSON, Erik Stefan 3 
RICHARDSON, Nona Lynn 3 
RICHARDSON, Penny Hope 1 
RICHARDSON, Stacia Lordan 1 
RICHARDS, Carey K. 3 
RICKARD, Jennifer Leigh 1 
RIDDLE, Irene Estella s 
RIDINGS, Suzanne J. s 
RIENHOFF, John Campbell 4 
RIESENBERG, Kathryn Michel 2 
RIFFEL, Dorothy Radford 3 
RIGDON, Marilyn s 
RIGGS, Jenny Marie 4 
RIGGS, Katrina Suzanne 2 
RIKER, JohnH. f 
RIKHOF, Hans Henrik 1 
RILEY, Gresham a 
RILEY, Pamela f 
RIMAN, Carolyn Beth 1 
RIORDAN, Thane McKittrick 1 
RIPPON, David Spencer 3 
RIVERS, Catherine B. s 
ROACH, John David 3 
ROARK, Michael D. 4 
ROBERTS, Carl L. f 
ROBERTS, Cassie Jennifer 1 
ROBERTS, Christine Elizabeth 
ROBERTS, Scott McGiffert 1 
ROBETSON, Georgia Ann s 
ROBEY, Thad Hays 4 
ROBINSON, Shelley Anne 2 
ROBINS, Jeanne Louise 2 
ROBISON, Debra Lynne 4 
ROBISON, Stacey Diane 1 
ROCA, Jaime 1 ' 
RODI, Jennifer 4 
ROEDER, Bryan Thomas 1 
ROEHM, Jamie Kristine 2 
ROEHRIG, Charles B.; Jr. 4 
ROE, Christine Louise 3 
ROEDER, David W. f 
ROGAN, Lael Machaela 3 
ROGERS, Calvin William 4 
ROGERS, Emily Rebecca 1 

ROGERS, Laurisa Jean 1 
ROHR, Miranda Jean 4 
ROMBERGER, Susan Ellen 4 
ROMERO, Lucinda Louise 1 
ROMERO, Misty Dawn 1 
ROMERO, Ted Lee 3 
ROMER, Brian Robert 2 
ROOS.LisaA. p 
ROSEN, Jason Marc 3 
ROSEN, Zachary Eban 2 
ROSENFELD, Joshua Gabriel 1 
ROSEQUIST, Margaret Wieland 2 
ROSER, Kristina Lynn 3 
ROSOFF, Stacy Michelle 1 
ROSS, Caroline Pia 4 
ROSS, Dalton, D. 1 
ROSS, Eric C. s 
ROSS, Jason M. 2 
ROSS, Martha Hall 2 
ROSS, Thomas f 
ROTH, KarlaJ. s 
ROTHROCK, Averil Asha 4 
ROTHSCHILD, Julie Elizabeth 4 
ROUBIK, Joseph D. 3 
ROUS, David Geoffrey 1 
ROUTZON, Amy Kristen 1 
ROY, David Graham 3 
RUBINS, Kimbrly Jean 3 
RUBIN, Marie Lorraine 2 
RUCCI, Jennifer Paige 3 
RUDD, Mary Courtney 4 
RUDOLPH, James Charles 1 
RUMINER, Sheila J. 3 
RUNDLE, Craig S. s 
RUNGE, Kurt Robert 2 
RUNNER, Avery Brooks 1 
RUSTHOI, Keri Elizabeth 3 
RUTTER- JENSEN, Chloe Rebecca 
RYALS, Jennifer Lee 1 
RYALS, Thad Franklin 1 
RYDBERG, Jeffrey Alan 3 
RYNEARSON, Arick Shaw 4 

SAARI, Joseph Martin 1 
SAAVEDRA, Lillvam Urbina 1 
SABEC, Kathleen'Nicole 2 
SABERMAN, Jessica Lynn 3 
SABES, Steven Franklin 3 
SABLOSKY, Bradford A. Robbins 
SAFRANEK, Elizabeth Ann 4 
SAKAGAWA, Tiana Masako 1 
SALADA, Stephen Richard 2 
SALAZAR, Edward Troy 2 
SALAZAR, Orlando s 
SALAZAR, Ronald Arthur s 
SALAZAR, Salomon s 
SALBENBLATT, Anne Elizabeth 3 
SALIBA, John H.; Ill 4 
SALIMI, Miriam s 
SALLADAY, Berthol J. s 
SALVADOR, Lisa Ann 3 

SAMUELS, Kiran Wadhwani 2 
SAMUEL, Kyle 3 
SANBORN, Wendy Anne 4 
SANCHEZ, Anthony Richard; II 2 
SANCHEZ, Christopher John 1 
SANCHEZ, Felix A. 2 
SANCHEZ, Rudy Joseph; Jr. 2 
SANDIFER, Lynn Patricia 4 
SANDLER, Michael Brett 2 
SANDOVAL, Christi Damon 2 
SANGER, Shawndra Ann 1 
SANTOS, David F. Jr. 3 
SANTOS, Isidro Pereda; Jr. 1 
SANTOS, Michele Chan 3 
SANTOS, RamonaLatice 2 
SAPHIER, David Aaron 1 
SARCHETT, Barry W. f 
SARCHETT, Shane Michael 1 
SARRO, Bethany Sinkler 3 
SATIN, Laura J. Ciletti 2 
SATTERWHITE, Robin Ann R. s 
SAULNIER, Curtis C. 3 
SAVERY, Benjamin Donald 4 
SAVONA, Andrea 2 
SAXE, Gareth Eugene 2 
SCAGLIOTTI, Robert Michael 1 
SCALLIA, Susan Louise 1 
SCANLAN, Stacey Lynn 4 
SCARPA, Deborah Lynn 3 
SCHACHTER, Joshua 2 
SCHAEFER, Cindy Lynnette 2 
SCHAEFER, Daniel R. s 
SCHAEFER, Joel Wesley 4 
SCHANEMAN, Emily Ruth 2 
SCHATZ, Stephanie 1 
SCHA WE, Robert R. s 
SCHEAFER, Gaye L. s 
SCHELLSTEDE, Nicole Kim 1 
SCHEPPS, Robin Shay na 1 
SCHIERHOLZ, Laurel Lynne 3 
SCHLENKER, Katherine Lynn 4 
SCHMITT, Geraldine M. s 
SCHNEIDER, Jennifer Maria 2 
SCHNEIDER, Juli Anna 1 
SCHOALS, Michael Joseph 4 
SCHONS, Michele Ann 4 
SCHORR, Jennifer Lynn 2 
SCHRECK, Jennifer Kendrick 2 
SCHREUR, Christopher Alan 3 
SCHROEDER, Christian Erik 4 
SCHROEDER, Thomas McNeil 4 
SCHUBARTH, Brittany Ann 1 
SCHUBARTH, Lucinda Jean s 



S CHUB ARTH, Naila Lynn 2 
SCHUETZE, David Paul 3 
SCHULER, Alan Ross 3 
SCHUMACHER, Ronald James; II 2 
SCHUNK, Pascal Christopher 2 
SCHUTZ, John Anthony 1 
SCHWARTZ, Andrew Wayne 3 
SCHWARTZ, Joel Kevin s 
SCHWARTZ, Joseph Edward III 4 
SCHWARTZ, Todd C. 1 
SCHWELLENBACH, Jamie Patricia 2 
SCHWENT, Eric Bentley 3 
SCOTT, Sandra Jean f 
SCOTT, Shannon 2 
SCOTT, Stephen A. f 
SEATON, David Allen 1 
SEAY, Janine s 
SEDWICK, Jack Donovan 2 
SEED, Lisa Ann 4 
SEITZ, Jeanne s 
SELCKE, Matt James 1 
SELLERGREN, Sarah Ann 4 
SELLYEI, Joseph Edward; Jr. 3 
SERMAN, Carol E. 1 
SETHNA, Shan R. 4 
SETZER, Angela Leigh 1 
SEWARD, Adrienne Lanier f 
SEXTON, Christopher William 3 
SEYBOKD, Ann S. f 
SEYBOLD, Michael James 1 
SEYLER, Alison B. s 
SHADID, Christopher Charles 4 
SHAFFER, Elizabeth Ellen 2 
SHANKLAND, Laura Michelle 2 
SHARKEY, Melinda Lee 2 
SHARP, Samuel Inman 1 
SHAVER, Michael James 3 
SHAW, Isabelle M. a 
SHAW, Michael Jay 3 
SHAW, Van B. f 
SHEA, John Michael 3 
SHEARN, Donald W. f 
SHEEHAN, Megan Lucia 1 
SHEEHY, Michael Strauss 3 
SHEER, Jody Rebecca 3 
SHEFFNER, Beth Elana 2 
SHELTON, Doyle E. s 
SHELTON, Frank W., Jr. f 
SHENEFELT, Patrick David 3 
SHERIDAN, John B. a 
SHERIDAN, Linda R. s 
SHERMAN, Jonathan Scott 2 
SHERMAN, Megan Minty 1 
SHERMAN, Nicholas Galitzine 4 
SHERRILL, Julie Ann 2 
SHETTRON, Trevor Wagner 1 



SHIELDS, Letitia B. a 
SHILL, Laina Fay 2 
SHIPP, Tiffany Taylor 4 
SHOAF, Laura Manning 2 
SHORS, John Dennis; II 4 
SHORT, Joseph Bert 3 
SHOWALTER, Dennis E. f 
SHRIBER, Laura 1 
SHUBERT, Latischa Lynn 1 
SHWAYDER, Rachel R. 2 
SIDWELL, Meredith L. 3 
SIDDALL, Jacqueline Schloesser s 
SIDDOWAY, Michael F. f 
SIEGEL, Benjamin Freeman 2 
SIGAFOOS, Jennifer Lynne 3 
SILTON, Sara Lynn 2 
SILVA, Sonja Kritina 3 
SIME, Christopher J. s 
SIMLER, Carolyn Irene 4 
SIMMONS, Sarah T. f 
SIMON, Robert R. S 
SIMONS, John L., Jr. f 
SIMONS, Marisha 1 
SIMS, Todd Douglas 3 
SINGER, Matthew 1 
SINGH, Pravas 1 
SINTON, Mari Ann 3 
SISNEROS, Frank s 
SKELTON, Lisa Elaine 6 
SKOE, Ann Christine 3 
SKURSKI, Tanya Christine 1 
SLATER, Joe W. s 
SLENKOVICH, Nicolas Geroge 8 
SLESINGER, Dana Michelle 3 
SMALL, Dara Kavella 1 
S MARGIE, Michael Jr. s 
SMITH, Alvin s 
SMITH, Bradley- Alison 8 
SMITH, Christopher Wellesley 1 
SMITH, David L. s 
SMITH, Heather Leigh 1 
SMITH, Jesse William 1 
SMITH, John L. s 
SMITH, Joy 2 
SMITH Lisa A. s 
SMITH, Mark G. f 
SMITH, Melinda Carol 4 
SMITH, Negan Eames 4 
SMITH, Norma Jean s 
SMITH, Richard Givens 3 
SMITH, Stacey M. s 
SMITH, Stephanie Caroline 2 
SMITH, Susan F. f 
SNEIDER, Jonathan Paul 3 
SNOUWAERT, Brian Joseph 4 
SNYDER, Caleb Colburn 1 
SNYDER, Katrina 2 
SNYDER, Sara Emily 3 
SOLANO, William Alan s 
SOLOMON, David Mark 1 
SOLOMON, Jodi Lynn 1 

SOLO, Kirk Andrew 3 
SOLZMAN, Dory Ann 3 
SOMMERS, Hilary Beth 1 
SOSKIN, Christopher David 1 
SOUDAKOFF, Mariamna f 
SPANGENBERG, Heather Brooke 
SPARKS, Bernadette Ann 4 
SPARROW, Amy Post 4 
SPEARE, Jonathan O'Connor 1 
SPENCER, Amanda Maleson 1 
SPENCER, Martha A. s 
SPENCER, Samuel; III 2 
SPENGLER, John Christian 6 
SPRAFKE, Jill Lynette 1 
SPUEHLER, Sean Jason 4 
STAGNER, Meadow Dawn 1 
STANLEY, Kenneth G. T.; Ill 3 
STARKEY, Kathleen Baker 6 
STARKS, Courtney Marie 1 
STARK, Anne Kirkland 4 
STAEK, Jane s 
STAR, Robin s 
STARK, Kristina Kaye 3 
STARR, Chris M. s 
STARR, Ellen Marie 3 
STARR, William P.; Ill 4 
STAVIG, Donna s 
STAVIG, Mark L. f 
STEELY, June Michelle 3 
STEEN, Nancy J. s 
STEGALL, Tracy Jean 4 
STEINEKE, Susanna Barbara 2 
STEIN, Jason Robert 2 
STEINER, Nancy J. s 
STELK, Maria Josephine 3 
STENBERG, Douglas G. f 
STEPHENSON, John Richard 2 
STERN, Mark Harold 4 
STEURY, Steven N. 4 
STEVENS, Daryll f 
STEVENS, Sherri Ann 1 
STEVENS, Tyler Sage Cordingley 1 
STEVENSON, Steven Ray 2 
STEWARD, Jeanne Christina 6 
STEWARD, Matthew Allen 4 
STIFF, Margaret Chalmers 4 
STIRLING, Rebecca Roorda 1 
STIX, Amy Dryer 4 
STOEBNER, Heather Leigh 1 
STOKES, Savannah Anita 3 
STOLCIS, Anne Elizabeth 1 
STOLL, Collin Derek 4 
STOLLER, Marianne L. f 
STOLPA, John Conley 2 
STOLTZFUS, Margaret Alina 1 
STONE, Joan E. f 
STONE, Lloyd Vance; III 4 
STONE, Robert William 1 
STOREY, Richard Drake f 
STOWERS, Cecil Charles; Jr. 4 
STRALEY, Benjamin Worthington 2 
STRASBURG, Donald Peter 4 

STRASSBURGER, Sarah Electa 1 
STRAUSBAUGH, Theresa Loni 1 
STRAWN, Susan A. s 
STRONG, Whitney s 
STRUCKMAN, Laura Fahlin 3 

STRUNK, Steven James 3 
STRUTHERS, Valerie 1 
STRYKER, Karma Lee 3 
STUTZ, Christopher Mark 4 
ST. LAWRENCE, Sara Ann 4 
SUBIN, Laura Ellen 4 
SUBUDHI, Andrew Warren 3 
SUGERMAN, Sara T. a 
SULLIVAN, Gia Daly 2 
SULLIVAN, Douglas M., Jr. s 
SULLIVAN, Katie Irene 1 
SUNDQUIST, Kirsten Ann 4 
SURDAM, Jonathan William 1 
SUSKA, Keary Max 4 
SUSLOW, Steven 3 
SUTHERLAND, Lisa JoAnne 3 
SUTHERLAND, Michael Bruce 4 
SWANGER, Whitney Maureen 1 
SWANSON, Christopher Thurston 4 
SWANSON, Kristen Anne 2 
SWANSON, Rebecca Lynn 1 
SWEATT, Mary Elizabeth 3 
SWEET, Allisa Dawn 3 
SWEET, Mark Allen 1 
SWEET, Todd Michael 1 
SWENSON, Terrance Kyle a 
SWENSON, William Todd 1 
SW1ATEK, Amy Lynn 2 
SWIDER, Bogdan Francis f 
SWINEFORD, Stuart Thomas 4 
SWOPE, Ian Gillies 4 
SYKES, Ron f 

TABER, Richard L. f 
TAECK, Marcus Sven 1 
TALBOT, Lara Blair 4 
TALLEY, Michael Novak 2 
TALLEY, Scott Whitney 3 
TALLMAN, Rachel Nellie 1 
TANG, Dana f 
TATE, Charlotte H. s 
TATSCH, Melissa Dianne 2 
TATSCH, Vanessa Suzanne 2 
TATTERSFIELD, Geoffrey Nelson 4 
TAYLOR, Bradley F. s 
TAYLOR, Brian Harold 2 
TAYLOR, Jackie s 
TAYLOR, Lorinda J. s 
TAYLOR, Margaret Ann 3 
TAYLOR, Mary Pat 1 
TAYLOR, Maxwell F., Jr. a 
TAYLOR, Michael E. a 
TAYLOR, Montell Duron 1 
TEDESCHI, Laura Lee 2 
TEGAN, Jennifer Robin 3 
TEMPERA, Catherine Marie 1 

TEMPIER, Karine 8 
TEMPLE, Steven William 1 
TEN Brummeler, A. Catherine s 
TENGLER, Mary Elizabeth 2 
TERRY, Kirstine 2 
TERRY, Leah Marie 1 
THELIN, John R. s 
THOMASSEN, Jennifer Neda 3 
THOMAS, Calli Loraine 2 
THOMAS, Kristin Louise 2 
THOMAS, Wendy McLean 4 
THOMAS, William Jason 3 
THOMPSON, Giles Lewis 2 
THOMPSON, Karla Denise 2 
THOMPSON, Marlene A. s 
THOMPSON, Michael Condon 3 
THOMPSON, Nicole Alana 2 
THOMPSON, Paul Arthur 1 
THORSETT, Jeffrey Alan 4 
THROWER, David Jay 4 
TIBBITTS, Susan Elizabeth 3 
TIGNER Marina K. 1 
TINSLEY, Frederick C. f 
TLTSWORTH, Wendy Elizabeth 1 
TOBIN, Kelly Ann 3 
TOBLER, Valancy Leah 1 
TOD ARO, Thomas Matthew 4 
TOERPER, Davida Maria 1 
TONNESON, Alex Scott 3 
TONNE, Mercedes Gail 4 
TORGOVE, Mark Thomas 4 
TORRES, Jose Alberto 4 
TOWBIN, Samantha 4 
TOWELL, Dane Billings 1 
TRABULSI, Blake Evans 2 
TRACHTENBERG, Joel Daniel 2 
TRACY, Philip John 1 
TRAMPLER, Erin Eleisa 2 
TRAVELSTEAD, Jason Ware 2 
TREAT, Noel R. 3 
TREDENNICK, Treloar Kimball 1 
TREES, Marlys s 
TREMBLE, Jeremy Carle 1 
TRINIDAD, Thomas Marlen 3 
TRISSEL, James N. f 
TYNAN, Daniel J. f 
TRUELLJeffrey Scott 4 
TRUJILLO, Jeffrey Kent 4 
TRUJILLO, Jose Ignacio 2 
TRUJILLO, Tammy Marie 1 
TRUPIN, Remy 1 
TSENG, Jennifer Ching-Ning 4 
TSUMURA, Kurt Kanji 4 
TUCKER, Amy Elizabeth 2 
TUMARKIN, Paul Kenneth 4 
TUOHY, Elizabeth Anne 2 
TURNBULL, Amy Diane 2 
TUSEK, David Zdenek 1 
TUTTLE, Jeffrey David 6 
TYLER, Justine 3 
TYSON, Jono Pond 1 

UHL, Kraig Andrew 3 
UHRIG, Karl Edward 4 
UIHLEIN, Pamela Ann 1 
UKROPINA, David Robert 4 
ULIBARRI, Celine Marie 2 
ULMER, Jeanne Marie 2 
UNDERHILL, John Christopher 4 
URQUHART, Julie Frances 2 
USNICK, Shaharra June 4 
UTSCH, Philip Gardner 3 

V ACKER, Dana Kristin 1 
VALANT, Jason Joseph 2 
VALDES, Mario B. s 
VALDEZ, Adam, Jr. s 
VALDEZ, Anna Lisa 1 
VALDEZ, Anthony L. s 
VALENCIA, Tony Isidro; III 1 
VALPEY, Christine Margaret 4 
VALUKAS, Beth Catherine 1 
VAN BRAMER, Erik Todd 4 
VAN HORN, Margaret M. a 
VAN LIEW, Camilla Hopkins 3 
VAN LOON, Kristin 2 
VAN LUVEN, Timothy Richard 4 
VAN NESS, Hilary Clark 3 
VAN ZANDT, Michael Dwight 3 
VANDEN BERGH, Frederick James 
VANDENHUL, Tiffany Marie 3 
V ANN ATTA, Jeremy Burr 2 
VARGO, Alexandra f 
VARGO, Rebecca Jessie 1 
VARLEY, Emily s 
VEIRS, Val Rhodes f 
VELLON, Ann s 
VENTNGA, Catherine Elizabeth 3 
VENKUS, Christopher H. 3 
VERDIECK, Betty J. s 
VERMILLION, Pat Wyman 1 
VICKERS, Barbara W. s 
VIDMAR, Laurel Marie 4 
VIERLING, Lee Alexander 3 
VIGIL, Floyd s 
VIGIL, Sarah Marie 1 
VILLEGAS, Alfredo Emilo Ramirez 1 
VOGEL, Alicia Henoch 2 
VOGEL, JaneN. s 
VOGT, Emily Alice 3 
VOIGHT, Tammy Lynn 3 
VOLK, Geroge Edward Patrick 1 
VOLP, Jennifer Ellen 1 



VON TERSCH, Brian Neil 3 
VOORHffiS, Margot M. 3 
VORPAHL, Kathleen Anne 2 
VOSS, Jeffrey Martin 3 

WADE, LaVonne D. s 
WADE, Lawrence Douglas; Jr. 1 
W AFFORD, Christina Lyn 3 
WAGNER, William George 4 
WAHTOLA, Rosemary Gayle 3 
WAINWRIGHT, Marcy Lynne 2 
WALKA, Jesse Weller 1 
WALKER, Bruce Woodward 3 
WALKER, Gilbert Nickerson 4 
WALKER, Mara Pejean 3 
WALKER, Tain Jube 2 
WALLIN, Amanda Ruth 1 
WALLIN, Bruce Robert 4 
WALL, Carey Leigh 2 
WALPOLE, Peter Handley 4 
WALSH, John David 1 
WALTER, Alison Hilary 2 
WALTER, David Ramsey 2 
WALTER, Michael A. s 
WALTERS, Charles S. s 
WALTERS, Danielle J. 4 
WALTERS, Robin Sue Liams 6 
WALTERS, Suzanna f 
WARE, George Leonard 1 
WARNER, Jennifer Kim 4 
WARREN, Nathan Toby 4 
WASHBURN, James Murray; IV 2 
WATCHMAN, Beatrice 2 
WATKINS, John J. f 
W ATKINS, Laurel J. f 
WATSON, Wendy Sue 3 
WAXER, Karen Michelle 2 
WEAVER, Katherine Lee 3 
WEBSTER, Daniel Adams 3 
WEBSTER, Jennifer Marie 2 

WEHNER, Robert Charles 1 
WEHR, Heidi Eliese 1 
WEEDA, William J. f 
WEIER, John William 2 
WEIGEL, Nicholas Shahn 1 
WEINRAUB, David Stuart 1 
WEISS, Aly son Jane 4 
WEISS, Herbert A. s 
WEITEMEIR, Amy Rebecca 2 
WELCH, Jean Casey s 
WELDON, Christopher Tarpley 2 
WELLMANN, Jeannie M. s 
WELT, Sabina Margaret 1 
WENDT, JohnE. s 



WENGER, Susan Berner 6 
WENZLAU, Thomas E. a 
WESLER, Mark Andrew 3 
WESTHOFF, Wendy Louise 1 
WEST, Lucy Orgill 1 
WEST, Michael Edwin 2 
WETLEY, Beverly s 
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WHITFIELD, Gina Maria 1 
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WHITTAKER, Ashley Tilden 2 
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WIDDIS, Jo Anne s 
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WILEY, Matthew Wayne 2 
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WILLIAMS, Rebecca Elizabeth 2 
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WILLIS, Willett Ranney; IV 3 
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WILSON, Robert Kiyoshi 2 
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ZUERCHER, David A. f 
ZUPANCIC, DeAnn Jean 3 

"Eye 9-Ceart "Ezve 


Will Lawrence 

Christian Muller-Bathe 

Dana Nossoman 

Lisa Remey 

Guest Photographers 

Stephanie M. Ching 

N. Lynn Richardson 

Kurt Tsumura 

Matt King 

Phil Brown 

Frand Bond 

Karen Hausman 

Melanie Merritt 

Catalyst Staff 

College Relations 

Contributing Staff 

Patrick Judge 
Maile Shimabukuro 

Guest Typesetter 
Randolph Y.C. Ching 

Special Thanks to 

Betsy Knox 
Geno and Mike 

Photography Editors 

Paul Hunter 
J. William Lawrence 

Extra Special Thanks to Will, and Paul and 


I love you all ! ! ! 

(I'm out of here.) 

The editors of this publication would like to apologize for 
any groups who are not represented herein whose 
photograph was taken. Due to thefts, equipment 
malfunctions and unexplained disappearances, some photos 
were not able to be placed in this year's book. 




•?j;,V*'4V \*T<J\\ |i 






ffm T; M '■ 






One year studying abroad means to put up with many different 
things: a different language, a different currency, and different stamps. 
In addtition to that, coming to Colorado College means to get used to 
living in a small campus community and the unusual block system with all 
its pros and cons.: 3 1/2 endless weeks with even more reading and 
writing and seeing the same faces every day. But the beloved Block 
Break is more than a trade-off for that suffering. I will never forget what 
it feels like to trade the classroom for a car to spend the well-deserved 
four days in a tent, preferably in northern New Mexico. 

Other things that I will always associate with my years at cC 
include fantastic ski trips, going to Denver, my first real American 
Thanksgiving and Halloween, Marriott Food Service, ."if you don't like the 
weather, wait for two hours," the magnificent cultural program on 
campus, drinking yards and sining songs in the Golden Bee, The 
Simpsons, and Desert Storm, shopping at King Soopers for many 
doughnuts, small classes and friendly professors and administrative staff, 
long nights in the Tutt computer room, the nonexisting community in 
McGregor, Kaffeeklatsch in the German House, long stays in the French 
House, the #1 bus to North Academy, Christmas in Houston, snow at the 
grand Canyon, going to Albuquerque in a rental car, and many 
discussions about cross-cultural and international issues,T.K. and all the 
visiting profs. . . 

It was a great year and I'd like to thank everybody who helped 
make it a success, especially my host-rents Cindy and Mike, Karine, 
David, Susi and Michael. 

Christian Muller-Bathe 



Words of Wisdom 


In the fall of 1990 I chose to take the position of photography editor 
for The Nugget . It was not a hard choice. In fact, I received the 
"honorable" position because there was no one else willing to take the 
job. Still, I was excited at the possibility of being able to help design and 
develop this year's yearbook. I set as my goal a yearbook that would 
include a variety of people, events, and feelings that reflected The 
Colorado College 1990-1991. 

Unfortunately, as the year progressed, less and less of my time was 
spent editing this year's yearbook. Instead, due to lack of photographers, 
I spent the majority of my time taking pictures. My duties were then laid 
upon Stephanie Ching, Chief Editor. I am thankful that she had enough 
time and patience to devote to putting together this year's yearbook. 

So what's my point? Had there been greater student participation I 
would have had more time to do my job. I challenge future CC students 
that if you want your yearbook to be a true reflection of your years here 
at CC, you must make an effort to spend time working on the yearbook. 

Lastly, for those of you who only have negative remarks to make 
about this year's yearbook, ask yourself: what did I contribute? If your 
answer is "nothing", then keep your comments to yourself. If you are one 
of the few who did make an effort to shape this year's yearbook, I thank 
you very much for caring enough to try to make a difference. 

I recommend to future students that you try to make a difference in 
all that you do, especially in school. Your years here at CC are limited 
and they go by quickly. I suggest that you make the most of your 
undergraduate days by taking advantage of all that is offered by the 
school, your friends, and the community. 




Jacob W. Lawrence 

The Many Faces of Stephanie M. Ching 

What a year! This was my senior year here at 
Colorado College and I have to say that it was my 
best, yet. To all of my fellow 1991 graduates, I 
hope it was the same for you. Being the crazy 
person that I am, I applied to edit the Nugget, this, 
my last, and most frenzied year at CC. I don't think 
I knew what I was getting into. It was a lot of hard 
work and late nights. But I have to admit that being 
the editor-in-chief of this wonderful publication 
helped make it such a great year. I can only hope 
that it brings as much pleasure to you as it did for 
me. Best of luck to you in the future, till we meet 

I've been through a lot these past three years, 
and I've learned from them and enjoyed them. I 
would like to thank all my friends with whom I've 
ever had the good fortune to share this experience 
with. I'll always remember you. I don't think I can 
list you all here, and I know if I try I'll forget 
someone, so I won't. But you know who you are - 
my neighbors, classmates, lab partners, co-workers, 
and last, but not least, soccer team members. You're 
all winners. I love you!